Willow Palin Defends Sarah's TLC Program in Homophobic, Poorly-Written Facebook Rant

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With Bristol Palin earning a place in the Dancing With the Stars finals, this week should have been a triumph for Alaska's best-known family. No longer.

Willow Palin, Bristol's sis and the 16-year-old daughter of former governor/VP nominee Sarah Palin, went on a homophobic rant on Facebook this week.

That's what happens when fellow users bash her mom's new reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska. Feisty teen grizzlies gotta stand up for their mama!

Sarah Palin has taught Willow such good values. And grammar.

Willow's target, a person named Tre who goes to school with the Palin kids, wrote a status update the night of the TLC show's premiere, which read:

"Sarah Palin's Alaska is failing so hard right now."

Willow Palin fired back, "Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I've seen pictures of, your disgusting. My sister had a kid and is still hot."

She later added, "Tre stfu. You such a f*ggot. I'm sticking up for my family."

Bristol Palin herself then came to her family's defense as well, firing off a biting report to Tre, "You're running your mouth just to talk sh*t."

What a class act this family is.

The girls could have simply cited the ratings, which proved Sarah Palin's Alaska was anything but a failure, netting over five million viewers. But alas.

All hell broke loose between Facebook critics and the Palins, with Bristol lashing out at someone named Jon (while also taking aim at Levi Johnston).

"You'll be as successful as my baby daddy," she wrote.

Ouch, Levi. That hurts man. Here's a screen grab of Willow's gay slurs and bad grammar. Seriously, girl. "Your" and "You're" are not hard to learn.

Willow Facebook

There you have it. The brilliance of Willow Palin, ladies and gentlemen. Does this make her homophobic, though? Tell us what you think:


At least she isn't a black or Latino teen baby factory (multiple kids with multiple gang-banger baby-daddies) who lives on welfare for life.


and don't say shit about sarah palin's parenting. you don't know wtf your kids do when you aren't around. i doubt they're perfect like you apparently think that they are. my parents raised me well. i talk the way i damn want to.


i say gay all of the time and i'm the very far from a homophobe. it's just the way the younger generations refer to things. i loveee gay people especially gay guys. they're the best friends a girl can have.


A slur is a remark that's meant to insult someone whether the person means it literally or not. Either thinking that being gay is wrong or perceiving that the person you're talking to would be upset if you referred to them as gay whether you truly believe the person is gay or not is what makes it a slur, you morons.


Penny, kids learn from kids. I doubt they ment it as a gay slur either. I have called someone an A$$ hole but didn't really mean that is what they were.


Penny, kids learn from kids.


If you call someone a C#@k sucker is that what you are really saying or a mother $%#ker, or a butt head. I don't think so. I doubt she ment it as a gay slur.


If Sarah Palin is not capable of raising kids who do not behave obscene why should the american people trust to put their lives in her hands? Obviously this family's standards are very low. The one thing that Kathy wrote in her comment is that the public rarely forgets. They may have put their mom into political suicide. That's what happens when you speak before you think.


im 15 year old girl. every kid in my class says "gay" & "faggot" ... we dont mean it like "oh your gay & i hate you" ...we dont even say it to actual GAY people?? (thats right i said YOUR instead of you're....fight me?) ummmmm so chill out everyone bc if it was any other teen whose parents arent famous no one would care.


I dont think they are homophobic, i agree with blaize they were mad and defending. Anger is when your mouth works faster then your mind. they are humans, people are so over critical , I know I have said some nasty things when I am mad, doesnt make me stupid or anything.. just makes me human. Like them and YOU.

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