Who Should Be the TIME Person of the Year?

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It's an honor that has gone to Adolf Hitler, U.S. Scientists and, in 2006, You.

What political figure, athlete or grouping of individuals will follow in the unique footsteps of past TIME Person of the Year winners? The magazine has released a list of its nominees, but we've narrowed down the finalists to a select few.

Just a Slab of Meat
President Obama Photo

Should the distinction go to the heroic? The infamous? The most memorable? It's an ambiguous award, which is what makes it so much fun and/or frustrating to debate.

Let your voice be heard now. Who should TIME dub as the Person of the Year?


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Hollywoodgossip, were you guys hiding under a rock all year? Not only was Julian Assange actually the primary runner up in the Time Magazine choice, he was actually chosen by people in a Time poll as number one, and, he should have been number one because of the overwhelming service he provided to the entire world by exposing the Bush and Obama administrations' criminality.




Hmm... You are "selecting" a few from that list. Why are you leaving out the LEADING entry of Time's own poll on their pages you reference here. JULIAN ASSANGE!!!


@stephanie: REALLY?! Lady Gaga has done GOOD things for ppl of this country. Name 5 things that Obama has done that was GOOD for this country. Oh and by the way Angelina Jolie should be nominated for all her humanitarian duties overseas.


Can't believe Lady Gaga's even up there. stupid.


I vote for Lady Gaga for "Man of the Year" and Adam Lambert for "Woman of the Year". Just kidding!!! In all seriousness, I would vote for professional boxer/politician Manny Pacquiao.


@Stephanie: come on. have you heard Poker Face?!? Changed the lives of millions.


Lady gaga has done nothing benificial for the world
She least deserves it
I mean ur srsly putting THAT up there with someone like the president? That's quite sad
She should most def NOT win


Lady gaga