Wesley Snipes: Finally Headed to Jail

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He may have proven that white men can't jump, but Wesley Snipes has also made it clear that felons can't avoid jail time.

The actor - who was convicted of tax evasion in 2008, but spent years going to extreme lengths to avoid his sentence - had his latest appeal rejected by a federal judge this week.

Told he “had a fair trial” and that “the time has come for the judgment to be enforced,” Snipes will finally be heading to the clink.

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“Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive,” his lawyer told The Orlando Sentinel.

It’s unclear when or where Snipes will start serving the sentence. So much for always betting on black, though.

UPDATE: A judge has ordered Snipes to start serving this sentence by December 9.


round of applaus its amazing how some people don't understand the general structure and requirements for being a writer its called research your information supply the facts instead of your opinions plenty of wealthy people go thru the same tax invasion issues and you don't see them in the new because of great lawyers. I agree with tim couldn't have said it any better


Wesley needs new lawyers.
whoeve wrote the article here, calling Snipes a "felon" needs to do his/her homework. He was convicted of a "misdemeanor"....NOT a felony !! SECOND...........
THREE YEARS FEDERAL PRISON for a misdemeanor ??. Absolutely falls under the violation of "cruel and unusual punishment". Even if the "biased" judge wants to make him an example, 3 years is cruel and unusual. CHALLENGE IT WESLEY. FIRE YOUR LAWYER FOR INSUFFICIENT COUNSEL AND APPEAL AGAIN. MADNESS WHAT THE COURTS CAN GET AWAY WITH AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC DOES NOT COMPLAIN !!

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White men really can't jump. But Wesley Snipes can jump to avoid tax evasion charges by the U.S. government. Alas, he was eventually... More »
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