Wesley Snipes: Finally Headed to Jail

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He may have proven that white men can't jump, but Wesley Snipes has also made it clear that felons can't avoid jail time.

The actor - who was convicted of tax evasion in 2008, but spent years going to extreme lengths to avoid his sentence - had his latest appeal rejected by a federal judge this week.

Told he “had a fair trial” and that “the time has come for the judgment to be enforced,” Snipes will finally be heading to the clink.

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“Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive,” his lawyer told The Orlando Sentinel.

It’s unclear when or where Snipes will start serving the sentence. So much for always betting on black, though.

UPDATE: A judge has ordered Snipes to start serving this sentence by December 9.

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That's. Not needed here sean.......grow up


I'm not an attorney and never evaded payng taxes but , if he jst paid what he owed , wouldn't he not be jailed ? Or maybe that is just it...he doesn't want to pay. But that would be impossible for him to avoid.
Just want to hear the real story. Peace


He needs lawyers that know wat there doing


@Tim Jensen - He was convicted of three seperate crimes, each of which has a penalty of one year in prison just as the law allows. Basically this criminal thug stole $34 million dollars from the taxpayers and repeatedly lied about it. That money goes to pay for the defense of our country and provides care to the elderly and other things. Snipes is a traitor to his country. He is human scum and he belongs in prison.


That sucks


@Fred - Maybe you should ask your law school for a refund on your tuition? Wesley Snipes was not convicted of a single felony. He was convicted of misdemeanor counts for willful failure to file federal income tax returns under 26 U.S.C. § 7203. He was sentenced by the judge to three years in federal prison for not filing his taxes. MISDEMEANORS. Read up on the case before you tell someone they are wrong. (United States v. Snipes, case no. 5:06-cr-00022-WTH-KRS, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida (Ocala Div.)


Tim Jensen needs to do HIS homework and stop reciting his made-up law based on watching episodes of Law & Order. A misdemeanor, under the law, is defined as carrying a maximum incarceration time of no more than 1 year. A judge may not impose more time. Only felony convictions may carry more than 1 year. Ergo, if Mr. Snipes is receiving more than 1 year, he must be convicted of a felony. At least that's my understanding after law school and practicing law for 15 years...


interesting my comment, made 2 hours ago, deleted. the injustice of CHARLIE RENGEL, once head of the means and ways committee, getting off with a hand slap for the same thing. difference is he did not pay any taxes for 20 years, has to pay "restitution", does not say he will have to pay penalties or interest like Mr. Snipes. He also does not have to serve a jail sentence. there is something very wrong with that. why does Rengel get special treatment? He belongs behind bars for many more years then Snipes. Why is none of this being discussed?


What a racist article "He may have proven that white men can't jump" and " So much for always betting on black, though." Secretly glotting on a black man woes couldnt wait to get in one last jab haters and tims comment Amen my brotha, Amen! All I gotsta say! Hit it right on the head right there! Hit it on the head indeed the world is changing people get used to it! and stop whinning you had your turn. Be part of the solution or get out the way.


@ Tim
Amen my brotha, Amen! All I gotsta say! Hit it right on the head right there!

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