Welcome to the Rileys Clip: Kristen Stewart Strips, Talks Dirty

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In the trailer for Welcome to the Rileys, viewers get a glimpse at Kristen Stewart as Mallory.

But in this clip from this upcoming drama, viewers REALLY get a glimpse at the actress, as she leaves Bella Swan far, far behind. At least in the following scene.

Below, Stewart offers James Gandolfini's Doug a lap dance. In the span of 90 seconds, she uses utters a handful of words that would her Twilight Saga character blushing and speechless. Then again, Bella gets practically naked in Breaking Dawn, so perhaps this is just an example of the adult turn her career is taking overall...

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I love kristen stewart. she is an amazing actress. I'm watching meet the rileys for the first time. I don't find it strange for her to play a role like this, but that's probably because I saw her in the movie speak before twilight. I just like that she did both of these movies because most actors/actresses shy away from it. there afraid to take on such dark roles. but I think its important because a lot of people try to avoid these issues, and yet they are common occurrences for a lot of people. 1-3 girls are sexually assaulted and 1-4 boys by the age of 18. that's a lot of people. so think of that next time your around a crowd of people, see if you still think it's not important.


i think u should just all leave her alone yeh she is an actress, but she is a human aswell, she has feeling aswell u know and when people slag her off tht hurts 2! she is a fab actress and i will always like her she has her own styles and all she wants is to stop making bull crap up about her. just coz she makes movies doesnt make her any diffrent. x


i think she is pretty and what she does is for her and she is of age to do movies like that like some of these celebs do nude movies i kind of didn't like kristen in runaway i thin disney ppl are studip i don't like them and plus kristen is way prettier that miley.


@ sonal.....one kristen stewart is 20 years old 2nd kristen isnt apart disney and she started out in rated r movies in tha first place she like 2 disney movies bt tha rest has always been adult thts jus tha type of actress she is also ur rite about hw they tlk about miley bt the media have a point.... all tho alot young ppl luv twilight it is still pg13 while hannah montana is pg so uu really cant comepare tha two




She can play the roles money will have her play, because she IS an actress. she hasnt any responsibilities to parents not monitoring what their daughters watch, so get off her back. probably the same parents that freaked out over Nick Carters issues when he was a backstreet boy. If it diminishes her career, so be it!


Hehehe...i liked this!Kristen is very funny and sexy.I love u dear !Keep going on like this it doesn't matter what people say about you .


well, for once, kristen is actually an adult, and regardless she is followed by really young girls, if you are a parent and you let your daughter see the movie, you have issues. kristen is an actress she represents different roles and this isnt her first grown up part, in "in the land of women", she smoked, have had sex, disrespected her mother and made out with adam brody. in "the cakeaters" she was begginto lose her virginity, and in "speak" movie she filmed when she was like 13, she was sexually abused... erm what else, oh yeah, she smoked pot and did lots of drugs and had multiple sex partners in both "the runaways" and "adventureland". to me, it apars that twilight, tho it made her famous, created a persona of herhat she isnt, she is edgy and well recognized for her "dirty" work :p


OMG! that is all i can say. I dont think this will help her career, I think it will hurt it.


Soooo... Miley Cyrus dressing skimpily is an issue, but Kristen Stewart, part of the Twilight franchise (something all underage girls swoon over) dressing and speaking like a prostitute is okay ? She doesn't have any responsibility as an actor ?