Vintage Taylor Momsen: Pre-Gothic Barbie Daze

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Taylor Momsen may be an underage boob-flashing, gothic wannabe and a bad role model, but she used to be a cute kid once. It's all her parents' fault.

Even though she claims she's been pushed into a miserable life she hates, back in the day, the Gossip Girl star was just happy as a clam... or a chicken?

Check out this Shake N' Bake that aired in 1997, featuring three-year-old T-Moms selling us on the hearty goodness of "mom's little helper." Delish ...


Maybe she dresses like that
To expres herslf ?did ur
Tiny selfabsorbed brain
Ever think of that? No ?
Hmmmm figures...


That was a pretty cute ad. She's a very pretty girl... why she wants to look like a racoon is beyond me. It's always your parent's fault... don't you know!? ;) She's young, of course she's going to blaim her parents!


Dnt why she's blame on her parents?? That's pretty stupid and shit action...
U responsible for wat u do,not ur parents.dnt blame to anyone else!!
Everyone responsible for their own happiness,so do u Taylor!!


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