Unveiled: Justin Bieber Acoustic Album Cover Art

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Warning to Wal-Mart employees: wear armor to work on November 26.

That's the date on which Justin Bieber will release his much-hyped acoustic album. It will drop exclusively in the aforementioned store, and will do so on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Yikes! Let's hope the death toll remains manageable.

Bieber has already released the cover art for "My Worlds: The Collection." What do you think? Cute? Or REALLY cute?

Acoustic Album Cover

The CD will combine the best of "My World" and "My World 2.0," doing so via remixed singles that only make us of an unplugged guitar.

Moreover, fans can look forward to a brand new track, "Pray," which is described in a press release as "an optimistic, uplifting song, and represents the spirit behind 'My Worlds Acoustic."

Okay, readers, go ahead and scream in excitement now...


hi justin invite me to one of your shows!!!!!! please call me at 9072594275 or 8224277 cell or home phone!!!!!! i love you!!!!


Hmmmm.... he sure looks gay to me. How come they didn't do the background cover art in pink?


hes more than hot hes freaking sexy!


OMB Im Definetly Going To Buy This I Will Fight My Way Through The Croud


this cover is hot!!! haha way better then his other 2 CD covers
it makes Justin look super sexy


this album cover is drop dead sexy


This album cover is so lame.... It's like any other picture he'd taken before....


iz not cute iz mad sexy


hey i love u jb


MORE THN realy cute freaking gorgeous...

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