Unveiled: Justin Bieber Acoustic Album Cover Art

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Warning to Wal-Mart employees: wear armor to work on November 26.

That's the date on which Justin Bieber will release his much-hyped acoustic album. It will drop exclusively in the aforementioned store, and will do so on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Yikes! Let's hope the death toll remains manageable.

Bieber has already released the cover art for "My Worlds: The Collection." What do you think? Cute? Or REALLY cute?

Acoustic Album Cover

The CD will combine the best of "My World" and "My World 2.0," doing so via remixed singles that only make us of an unplugged guitar.

Moreover, fans can look forward to a brand new track, "Pray," which is described in a press release as "an optimistic, uplifting song, and represents the spirit behind 'My Worlds Acoustic."

Okay, readers, go ahead and scream in excitement now...


Justin is an amazing artist. He is where he is meant to be, singing. When teenage girls are bored and there is nothing to listen to on the radio, pop a JB CD in and that ought to do it. He is the kind of guy that inspires other people to follow their dreams. Though he does not really live a normal life, he is still just an ordinary person. I


ok ok ok. everyone calm down with these messed up comments. well some of yall put on here, justin is a down to earth guy. like comon! if he went to ur school would your like him?? yes u would! dont lie!!!!!! if he came to my school with out fame in his life, im pretty sure all the girls like him. so dont talk smack about this boy. all of y'all are just jealous cuz he could get dates. and those who dont like him. im pretty sure a single old hag waiting for a person to be with. so leacvce him alone and back off. im pretty sure u will scream if you saw him. soo yea.. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!


No offense to the fans, but I think he's very plain. Not ugly, but not cute. A lot of my friends agree.


i think supperr sexy


I love jb S0000000 much




Charlene you have to be a boy to be gay!!!!!!!!!!
LOve u JB!


hey cmon. this is an international version collection of his songs, featuring all the acoustic songs and others... the US and Canada version is just an album of his acoustic songs, with a different cover art work of course... which actually looks a lot better i have to say. do your research before you start saying this is lame or whatsoever... you may still think it doesnt look good, but i bet you wouldnt say so after youve seen the other one


nice work you are doing all da best i wish da album songz will hit love you justin bye


Seriously, I don't understand the hype .. He is little boy (he's not sexy)..... And the cover is so lame!!

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