Tony Parker on Erin Barry "Affair": Sexting Only!

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Two new revelations in the week's top celebrity scandal:

  1. The Eva Longoria-Tony Parker divorce was in the works at least a week before Eva filed, contrary to the story some people in her camp have spread.
  2. Tony denies having sex with Erin Barry.
Tony and Wife

SEXTING: A portmanteau of sex and texting, first popularized circa 2005; The act of exchanging sexually explicit messages or photos between mobile phones.

Tony admits a "sexting relationship" with Erin, the estranged wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry, but nothing more, and says even that ended months ago.

Parker sources insist, "They never had a physical relationship."

As for Eva's "revenge filing" that supposedly blindsided Tony, new reports suggest that's not true, and that he was aware she would file the papers in Los Angeles.

As for her motivation in doing so, that's still up for debate.

Not only was the Eva Longoria-Tony Parker divorce a foregone conclusion, but it was timed to coincide with the Us Weekly cover story about it. Just bizarre.

As for why Tony and Eva are telling different stories about the divorce, a close friend of Tony's puts it simply: "She was into the whole PR thing. He wasn't."

Eva's people say Tony's story is untrue ... with one source saying they "were still talking about working out the marriage up until the morning she filed."

The long and short of it: Who was planning what and when depend on who you ask, as does whether Tony put it to Erin Barry. But it's definitely over.

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to tony's publicist: the "no sexual relationship" has already used by former pres clinton.
you've been lying for a year how do you expect the public to believe you. you are a douchebag and should return to france a.s.a.p. san antonio scum.


I wanted to comment on these two yesterday but kept getting 'Error 404' ! Can anyone explain this? I've always been... sorta nice!!!