Tony Parker on Erin Barry "Affair": Sexting Only!

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Two new revelations in the week's top celebrity scandal:

  1. The Eva Longoria-Tony Parker divorce was in the works at least a week before Eva filed, contrary to the story some people in her camp have spread.
  2. Tony denies having sex with Erin Barry.
Tony and Wife

SEXTING: A portmanteau of sex and texting, first popularized circa 2005; The act of exchanging sexually explicit messages or photos between mobile phones.

Tony admits a "sexting relationship" with Erin, the estranged wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry, but nothing more, and says even that ended months ago.

Parker sources insist, "They never had a physical relationship."

As for Eva's "revenge filing" that supposedly blindsided Tony, new reports suggest that's not true, and that he was aware she would file the papers in Los Angeles.

As for her motivation in doing so, that's still up for debate.

Not only was the Eva Longoria-Tony Parker divorce a foregone conclusion, but it was timed to coincide with the Us Weekly cover story about it. Just bizarre.

As for why Tony and Eva are telling different stories about the divorce, a close friend of Tony's puts it simply: "She was into the whole PR thing. He wasn't."

Eva's people say Tony's story is untrue ... with one source saying they "were still talking about working out the marriage up until the morning she filed."

The long and short of it: Who was planning what and when depend on who you ask, as does whether Tony put it to Erin Barry. But it's definitely over.


Adultry starts with a thought and begins in the mind before one acts out. I would have a very hard time trusting him again but it dosent mean the love is gone and that there both hurting..


Oh so since the relationship wasn't physical then it's all ok? Nice. I don't know too much about them together but I DO know that when ever I see a picture of them together, he never looks too thrilled. To Mark, if a man is married then his excitement should be with his wife. I don't know how it's healthy to be married to your wife but carrying on by phone with another, that's messed up. Don't get married if you can't commit.


Not that I can approve or except Tonys actions but I can understand them. So hey texted a chick some sex stuff? There was no physical relationship! It ended months ago anyway.
Doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love Eva. From what I heard Eva was all over him all the time. Dude just wanted to have a little excitement in his life. I’m sure Eva is still the chick he wants to call his wife. The chick he wants to hang out with and love. Eva needs to chill out.


Way to go Eva, I would do the same! even if he didn't sleep with the other women, he betrayed his wife, He was disloyal, he took his wife for granted, he was sneaky and shady and the intention was there... Same person that you married? No! At least there were no kids involved!


I wonder if Eva was a little p..ode that Tony just extended his contract to stay in San Antonio rather than to move to LA with her? So this was a good excuse to stick it to him. If it was really just sexting, a divorce seems a little extreme, especially if it had stopped. (I'm not saying it's ok).
Plus it would be a little distubing to watch my wife on TV jumping onto other men, and not wonder what's going on off the set.


Hey I have news for all of you. The only thing that's happening here is the same thing that happens with most people with excesses. GREED takes hold and you become lost to yourself and others. Greed for sex, Greed for money, Greed for power and greed for recognition Greed is one of the mortal sins .Greed is the greatest destroyer of civility. No one is blameless when these factions are at work in a relationship and these relationship more often fail.


tony, how do you say PIG in french?


Tony.... you are a pig!!!!! Like Sandra and Elen.... they are light years ahead of you creeps!!!!


Idk what really went down. (no pun intended) but sexting is not an affair. It is cheating on your wife but not an affair. I agree with Eva though. If he sexted someone else then your relationship is over


he messed up big time he had a pretty wife so now he got to paid

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