Tiger Woods Tweets Love For Kids, Pie

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Tiger Woods has come a long way since last Thanksgiving.

Last year, there was a car crash, a likely 9-iron to the grill and a series of revelations that led to him being crowned THG's Biggest Turkey of the year.

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His fake, perfect life unraveled that infamous night. This Thanksgiving, though? Just some fake Tweets about his new low-key, family-oriented life.

FACADE: The star's seemingly perfect life was anything but.

With Elin Nordegren long gone, Tiges spent a quiet holiday with his two kids, Sam, 3, and Charlie, 1½ and his mother, Kultida, a source reports.

Sounds like it went well. "I just finished a pretty tough cardio session this morning because of all the apple and pumpkin pie," the golfer Tweeted.

No word if he went creepin' on random hoes later.

True or not (you never know with Mr. Corporate), the guy clearly wants us to think he's reflected on life and is focusing on what's truly important.

It's probably accurate, at least to a point. Hard not to reexamine your life after all that. Here's hoping Woods has turned the corner internally.


Ahwww, when life was good and fake! Too bad you married for all the wrong reasons and had to go bang hookers in your past time instead of being a father and husband. Maybe one day you will learn maybe...


THG....no matter how much you trash him, He will always be the GREATEST GOLFER EVER!!!!! I just wonder though, if your jealousy of his greatness is eating you all up that from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep it's him you think about. What a life that must be... HATERS....


Give me a break. He is trying to turn his life around and the websites keep slamming him. Do you have verification that he DIDN'T spend Thanksgiving with his children and their grandmother. Give it a rest.

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