T.I.: I'm F*%king Tired of Jail!

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The recently-jailed rapper T.I. just posted a statement on his official site, calling life inside a federal prison in Arkansas "truly a pain I have never felt before."


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    I'm glad u out dog I haven't been in 16yrs an when I went it was hard but I learned in life 90 percent of da time people r goin to piss u off lie to u ,hate on u because of ur success try to destroy what u have put together ,now da other 10 percent is how u goin to respond ,r u really goin to give dem dat satisfaction of knoing dey got u again nah I think not .now do what u do best an give me some more of dat gangsta shit my nigg ya digg an for all u dat don't like my blog to da KING of da A


    Yeah thatz fucking truth he speaking i`m tired of all these people yelling young money cashmoney even tho they cool and everything but fuck that im GRANDHUSLE fan till i die he speak tha real shit on his songz and to hear t.i. lock up Just make me mad man T.i.p. Hurry out an show these niggas why u tha king of tha south FREE THA KING


    He is learning lessons the hard way. He does need to do this for himself and stay out of trouble but if you do the same thing over and over expecting different results it's not going to happen. He has to want to change. When he gets out he needs to surround himself with people who understand what is going on and want the best for him and who will look out for him. Bad influences end you back in the place you don't want to be but he is a grown man and he has to be the one in the end who wants to change! Good luck TI


    YAYYYY go TI, i feel ya man, seriously who gives a fuck wat a society thinks, its a hypocritical peace of shit anyway. jus get ur dosh from it and live ur life! they way u wana dude. in jail or out its ur choices n always up to u. keep ur head up.x


    ok long speech....hope he get out soon...


    Who cares?


    He sounds a little full of it to me... Why is he referring to himself as 'king' & why does he feel the need to sound 'gangsta' in written form??? He'll be like everyone else- instead of getting smart & knocking that $#!t off- he's just going to try & keep it indoors from now on... Pathetic...


    You guys think you know it all....give the guy a break, he's been through alot of shit! And at least he is leanrning from all those mistakes he is doing now. They dont come from the typical got to school, and come home routines...Im not saying what he did was right but I think he already knows that and is paying back his time... As a child, if you are not put in the right direction, corrected or put in a good environment, then you dont see what we as typical society would see. The point is, no ones is perfect and most of ya'll aint nothing but jealous....dont you wish you had the power, money,...as they have instead of sturggeling in our typical society of day by day got o same hour job bringing in a "not enough salary" to feed my kids type of thing! Gorw up,...leave then man alone and let him learn it on his own...everyone learns in different times and ways!


    what a piece of trash....muscially talented or not, he is an idiot...


    T.I. comes off as a pretty good dude but he has to be one of the dumbest celebrities out there. Why on earth would you not hire a driver if you are going to travel around drinking syrrzup? At least a taxi.

    PS - T.I. is not a smart person and that is why he is in jail all of the time.

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