THG Vampire Diaries Soundtrack Winner Revealed!

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Last week, we asked THG readers to tell us why they deserved to win a copy of The Vampire Diaries soundtrack signed by star Ian Somerhalder.

After pouring through 80 terrific responses, we would like to thank everyone who participated and announce the winner: Julie Bennett Salinas.

While all fans expressed great affection for the CW show, we loved this family-themed entry, and couldn't resist the idea of making Julie (and her daughter) happy. With a 13-year-old girl, she needs every break she can get!

Read all the entries HERE and follow the jump to read the winning submission. Thanks again to all who participated and check back for future giveaways!

My daughter is 13 almost 14, and she crushes on Ian. When I mention how hot he is, she says "He's mine, you can't have him, you are too old."

But I'm not too old to try and win a contest for her! ;)

Please choose me on behalf of my daughter. We both love the show, and especially Ian, he is brilliant with his acting, right down to his eyes. We love those eyes.

We voted for the sexiest beast and of course chose Ian! I'd soooo love to win this autographed cd for her. And I know she'd love it and cherish it for ever!!

Thank you.

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I really like vampre diaries and I would be really devastated if it finishes and never comes back on if if it does and it is different charactors. I wish I was famous and vampire diaries is better than twilight. You have my word xx


Dear sir i would like to know from what age is elligible to see the movie
with best regards


P.S. I have sent THG an email thru their website link and to their websupport email address. I've checked my junkmail folders and haven't found a response. All my daughter wants is to hear from them so she knows we will eventually get it. She understands it takes time, but not receiving official contact is just worrisome.


It's my daughter's 14th birthday tomorrow, and I told her this was one of her gifts. Still don't kno if we will get this or not. I'm scared we won't as I still have not gotten an email from THG. :( Has anyone ever won anything from them before and know the response time or logistics of receiving what you won? My daughter is really sad. I wish I didn't tell her I won this for her. She loves Ian and was so excited. Please THG, I just want communication so I know we won't miss out. It's a great contest prize! Thank you, Julie


This has been more than a week and still no contact or anything? I feel sad now. :'(
I don't want to seem deperate, but I didn't think if you win something it would take this long...
Thanks anyways and I hope you contact my mom.


Congratulations Julie!!
You're so lucky to have that, especially since it's been signed by Ian Somerhalder!!


Congrats to the winner. Sad for all the losers, including me and my daughter. To most of us, if not all of us, that CD would have meant the world as well. To become such fans of the show and of Ian (Damon) is phenomenal. If I would have won, I would have also given the soundtrack to my daughter, because she loves music and lives and breathes for this show. I was hoping that Ian himself would see all 80 entries and out of the kindness of his heart, award all entries a CD. He is after all mesmerizing us with his eyes deep into our souls. I realize the soundtrack is only like $10.00 but given from someone so talented and adored, is priceless.


It means a lot to me!
I'm the happiest girl on the planet and it is all thanks to you!


YAY MOMMY! This is the best thing you have ever done for me. You don't know how grateful I am to have a mother like you. No one can ask for a better mom than you.
Well then if I don't tell those things to you when you say my Damon is hot then we wouldn't have won!
Is this even real? Is it just a dream? I sure hope not! This will always stay with me for the rest of my life.
I can't believe I cried when I read this! I still feel like I have to because that is just how happy I am. You have most definitly made my day, no my life! Nothing can ever take away my happiness from this day. Not even the fact that I have two quiz's tomorrow at school!
Ugh, there are so many things I can say, but I just want to say that I love you mom.
Thank you for everything! From the books to the clothes to everything! I love Vampire Diaries and Ian! But I love you soo much Mom!


Congratulations Julie & Amber! Love you both!