THG Presents: The World's Scariest Twihard!

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Think you're a real fan of the Twilight Saga? Sorry, sane people of the world. But you have nothing on Anita.

The girl featured in this video entered herself in Moviefone's Biggest Twilight Fan Contest and, really, locked up the title by presenting the following facts with an eerie calmness (while wearing a wedding dress):

  • She says Twilight is "the world I live in. The air I breathe." It's also the "reason for existence."
  • She makes up Twilight songs to sing to reporters.
  • She paints Twilight quotes on her bedroom walls.
  • She would "literally take a bullet for any member of the cast any day."

Seriously, Robert Pattinson, we'd hire extra security based on this submission alone. Watch if you dare, readers...


Wtf....and i thought i was obssesed...o_0

Hania turowska

OMG! she's insane! those are only movies and they are only actors! GET A LIFE!


im inlove with jackson rathbone so i repeatidly read the books also breaking dawn is astonishingly good!!! xoxo
cello girl


hmmmm...I wonder if she puts out?


You know... when I get into a book it's a little sad when it's over. So having a series makes it all the more better. You get excited to read the next book. And to learn there are movies... again, all the more better. But this girl has taken it to a whole new level. And this too shall pass. Or at least we can pray for her! ha!


I cant look at the clip because im on my cell reading this unrealistic shit.... :( im sorry without watching this video i cant tell o gurl needs help! X( its not that seruis..well apparently it is to her ... I just cant believe she let her "obsession" control her like is she going to do when twilight stops....omg shes going to die!! Wtf seek help please for your own scratch that OWN LIFE