THG Caption Contest: It's Hard Being President!

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

The President of the United States has not had the best week, as you may have heard. But why's he so sad in this photo from a recent press conference?


You tell us! Come up with the best caption(s) for the pic, click "Comments" and fire away. Leave one. Leave 10. Go to it. We'll announce a winner Friday!


The Audacity of NOPE.


omg! Who farted guys? ugh pheewwww! (holding breath)


man i hoped and i hoped but i knew being president wouldn't make me white i guess i'll have to go back to all them baby mama's me and michelle wokred hard to pay off ! ( *sigh* )
man i shoulda robbed that bank and...........


John Boehner? Sigh. More like John the Boehner of my existence...


Rick and Cheryl are gone? Damn those Palins, shoulda sent Alaska over to Russia.

Free britney

"I can't believe they're canceling Life Unexpected ..."

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