THG Caption Contest: It's Hard Being President!

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

The President of the United States has not had the best week, as you may have heard. But why's he so sad in this photo from a recent press conference?


You tell us! Come up with the best caption(s) for the pic, click "Comments" and fire away. Leave one. Leave 10. Go to it. We'll announce a winner Friday!

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Tell me again why McCain had to be such a crappy candidate?


I guess it's just me and the Malboros tonight...smdh


i didnt inhale


team edward or team jacob?


i wonder what would happen if i press this button?


should i tweet, text, or facebook this? (dirty/funny cartoon of g. bush)


what were the steps to teach me how to dougie?


hmmmm, being a president does make your hair gray, i wonder if theyll notice if i dye it black?


Nannnncy P.! I don't know how to quit you...


damn, all this shit for free ribs?"and now a quote from rodney king"

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Barack and Michelle Obama Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. He became a Democratic U.S. Senator from Illinois in 2004, and has... More »
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Barack Hussein Obama II

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I do think in Washington, it's a little bit like American Idol. But everybody is Simon Cowell.

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