Teen Mom Meltdown: Amber Portwood 911 Call Released

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“You are going to prison for being abusive.” - Amber Portwood to Gary Shirley

Some say the star of MTV’s Teen Mom may be in danger because of her erratic behavior. A just-released 911 call from August certainly makes that case.

Anderson, Ind., police arrived after Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley argued themselves into an all-out melee. To say it got ugly is putting it mildly.

A familiar sight in the Portwood-Shirley household.

"My ex just threw all of my stuff everywhere and cussed me out and ran up on me like ... I can't breathe right now," a hysterical Amber told the cops.

Cops are investigating the mother-of-one after MTV aired an episode in which Amber repeatedly punched and slapped Gary in an expletive-filled rant.

Listen to the full Amber Portwood 911 call after the jump ...

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This is stupid. She doesn't even sound upset in the video. When I was reading this, I thought she was crying and being hysterical and shit, but no, shes being her same abusive manipulative self. Clearly this is for attention and it's not funny. There's women out there being beaten every day by an abusive spouse that need REAL help and she has the gall to act like her situation is so bad, when it's self inflicted and the bitch could could make her childs life so much better. I wonder what Leah's gonna think when shes older and see this.. I know for sure shes going to be ashamed.


I have to agree i think females are unstable sometimes well some of them im a female i dont do that type of shit but some do .... I see it like this if me and my man get into it and if i hit him and he hits me back then hey its my fault i shouldnt have put myself in those shoes if i couldnt fill them...it couldnt have been me though if i was gary i would have knocked her bitch ass out but he is smart and unlike amber cares about leah and thought before he acted i think amber is going to need meds to deal with her problems cause she has many that are apperently just now hitting the surface...why now no one knows but she needs to get her shit together if she truly cares about her daughter but i personally doubt she will or even wants to she needs to just let gary raise leah and do that dumb shit by herself and gary u better not get back with that controlling woman (had to be nice for leahs sake lol)


lmao misty the airplane is landing


These two make Mike Tyson and Holyfield look tame.


thats toooo funny Mistyeyez! im lmao


Just another typical mentally/physically abusive bitch acting like a bad ass then calls the cops and says her boyfriend was physically abusing her... Women are so evil anymore!!! No wonder the gay population is rising!!! I love women, but damn they are shady!!!


Personally, I think it is all a big misunderstanding. You can see from the pic that CLEARLY Gary thinks Amber's fist is a cheeseburger.... and he's ready for the airplane.....YUMMY!!!

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