Teen Mom Creepin': Gary Shirley Hits on Random Girl!

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Wow. Amber Portwood is really going to beat his ass this time.

Gary Shirley was seen grinding on another girl (as seen in the image posted by Radar Online after the jump) in the latest drama from the Teen Mom tandem.

"They were making out, whispering to each other. She was even nibbling on Gary's ear," a witness said. "They were dancing and grinding with each other."

Has Gary Shirley moved on from Amber Portwood?

Despite being hit by Amber Portwood on national TV, then being dumped so she could date another man, Gary Shirley has stood by the Teen Mom star.

Why? It's extremely difficult to figure out. Seems he just can't quit her.

The parents of baby Leah even renewed their commitment recently. After seeing this, she's gonna renew her commitment to punching him in the head.

The most astonishing thing about Gary's creepin'? The girl was cute.

"This girl was so cute, I was shocked. I can't believe he cries about Amber, then goes and does this," a source said. "I was happy when I heard he and Amber got back together but when I saw him with this other woman I was really disappointed."

Gary seemed to be kicked out of the house weekly during the filming of Teen Mom but Amber's father, Shawn, revealed that despite the televised battle, the couple was in counseling for months, and he hoped that they would get married.

Things don't look promising for the young parents, however.

"Amber and Gary are doing their separate thing right now," said a source close to Gary Shirley, explaining the complex matter. "He's not seeing anyone. He's not in any relationship. They are doing separate things right now. But he loves Amber."

Not enough that he won't grind ... but he loves her.

Gary Shirley makes his move on a club-goer!


, Gary deserved an ass kkinicg. If we lived in a decent society his or her father would have stuck around and they'd dragged him out into the front yard and given him a what for. He is the laziest moron in the world, he refuses to get any sort of job, he graduated from high school, but doesn't even enroll in community college. Guess what Gary? If there aren't jobs for 18 yeard olds with a hs diploma in this economy what sort of job are you hoping for as a 25 year old with a hs diploma and no work history? Gary regualarly walks out on Amber claiming he's never coming back. He pretends to start dating girls he meets at Walmart (a behavior Amber is now imitating). Gary needs to be set straight by a proper male role model and unfortunately in this case it happens to be the lady that he's dating. Would anyone be upset if Amber's brother came back from Afghanistan and slapped him around for his chronic sloth and stupidity?


Gary is a cheating lying ass oh yeah it's OK with all the shit he's done! Cmon people he got what he deserved! Kick his fat ass again!


Damn Gary! Do yourself a favor & dump that psychotic cunt Amber. Do not marry her. If you want to do anything for "Leah's sake" leave that hoe & move on.. Leah should not have to witness such craziness. & On the real, I don't care what anyone says, Gary is definitely a good guy (though a huge pussy - sorry). Grow some balls, leave Amber (FOR GOOD), work on your health (AKA adopt a healthier lifestyle food/eating wise.. you can do it), be happy. Period.


Why is everyone dogging gary? I mean look at amber she broke up with him to be with another guy and didnt even have a good reason however gary does i mean look amber is abusive in more than one way he needed to let her go and atleast he didnt down grade...do i taste hatorade


I'd love to win The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack signed by Ian Somerhalder.....I love the TVD as much as Ian loves himself......j/k....Love the Show!

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