Taylor Swift at the CMAs: Performance & Pictures!

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On Tuesday night, Taylor Swift became the youngest person in the history of the Country Music Awards to be named Sngwriter of the Year. Not shabby, huh?

That trophy was not handed out on last night's broadcast, however, but that doesn't mean Swift didn't make a major impression on viewers and those in attendance.

The young sensation performed at the piano during the event, serenading the crowd with a rendition of "Back to December," the single allegedly written for Taylor Lautner. Check out a couple still shots from the performance, along with two from the red carpet:

We wonder if Kanye West will take credit for this song's success, too. Below, watch Taylor sing it live for fans. Think she did a good job?


My opinion guyz remember that VMA or wat so ever awards when khanye west said that beyonce's song was one the good songs of all time if I were talor I would have slaped khanye west off his feet and right now I'm woundering why did he have to do that? Dose he maby have a crush on her?


derrick swift... YOUR A CREEP!!!!!!!!! PEDO


i think she was studip to leave taylor lautner i think she relizes it and i think she'll won't find the right guy if she don't stop writing about guys she needs to write seomthing else


iam so glad she didn't win this year


It was an amazing performance. I was blown away when the first stanza of Back to December started. She was reaching out to Lautner.


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