Taylor Swift Goes Back to December at the AMAs, Earns Major Award

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It was a good night for Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards.

While the singer didn't dominate the evening like a certain shaggy-haired 16-year old, she was named the top Female Country Artist on the planet. Swift also performed her single "Back to December," mixing in a bit of One Republic’s “Apologize" with the ballad.

Watch the following video of this critically acclaimed performance and then click on photos of Taylor on stage at the event:

A Serious Performance
Heading Back to December
Back to December Performance

well. i think that all of you are talking shit becaus taylor is one the most beautiful singers i ever liked....
and believe me i know what im talking about, you guys stop saying those stupids things about her.
i love taylor.....


i agree with pak31 i don't think she's a good singer anywayand she bitches alot about joe jonas and the others to me she don't need to date if she's going make a hit song about her life she needs to get over it maybe thats why guys don't like her and she's a dumbass for breaking up with taylor lautner he is one hot guy.


She's a great recording artist. She's not a great live performer.


I just don't think she's THAT great of a singer. People make such a big deal about her yet to me, she doesn't have that voice that just takes your breath away.


i don't like her at all and i hope her fans relizes that the only reason she dates guys is to make a jit song and she is a dumbass for breaking up with taylor lautner he is one hot guy .


well....i dont like her very much as i dont like country songs,but i kinda like a few of her song....so congrats...

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