Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Actually Photographed Together!

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You've heard the rumors. You've read the quotes from anonymous sources. But you still haven't seen Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal together.

Until now!

Following a Thanksgiving morning spent at a Brooklyn coffee shop, this likely couple visited Swift's hometown of Nashville over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon, the two were seen getting breafast at Fido, a coffeehouse and café near Vanderbilt University. Allow us to present actual evidence this time:

Swiftenhaal: Alive and well!

"They were smiling and laughing. They were talking a lot and enjoying each other's company," a witness told People. "They didn't look like friends."

Another customer named Emma Rice, who posted this picture online, added that Taylor and Jake looked "very cute" and "seemed close."


we are not a llperfect spelling and saying things iam trying to say is that she will make a hit song this time neext year so take that


Sara, no one knows what you just said.


i think every girl does that show a little bra strap but showing her business is a differt thing to talk about and i think she is using guys to write a hit songs about her relateship she does that best if she writes something better i'll listen to her and for miley she is turning like britney but i still love britney spears and when taylor s and jake beak up she will say its the media noits them they are the media.


i thought this post was about taylor and her new guy? about the miley thing i'll only say, that is't no big thing if you can see a bra strap. showing a bra strap is still better than not wearing a bra at all (like some other ppl do it all the time). i think taylor and jake look cute tgether, but i'm not sure about how long it will last because taylor still seems so young while jake is like THAT old.


Jake you would think a man of your experience would learn by now. Taylor actually writes and sings about guys who done them wrong. You are cornered but not yet caged. You be nice to her, because we like her.


Yeah Chris, not sure you get the point about people freaking out over Miley...until last week, she was under the age of 18. Taylor Swift is pushing 21. So even if Miley were still underage, Taylor's showing a little bra isn't the same as a 16-year-old with her hoo-ha hanging out!


America's imitation of the Taliban—yes, you know who you are—picks on every little aspect of the way Miley Cyrus dresses, for example, if a bra strap is exposed, yet to the fundamentalist rightwing, Taylor Swift is sacrosanct, utterly off-limits. So, in the cause of fairness, isn't that a bra strap I see poking out over Taylor's shoulder?

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