Tabloid Bombshell: Bret Michaels Slept with Tish Cyrus!

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Us Weekly drops a bombshell in its latest issue: the parents of Miley Cyrus got divorced because Tish Cyrus had an affair - with Bret Michaels!

Sources tell the tabloid that the rocker "got close to the entire family" in February, around the time he and Miley recorded their racy duet, "Nothing to Lose."

Tish, who serves as Miley's manager, was spotted at the Michaels' February 28 concert in Los Angeles, adds an insider, who says: "Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on."

Eventually, the country singer reportedly found out and filed for divorce from his wife of 17 years. He is seeking joint custody of their three children.

Reps for both Michaels and Tish deny this story, but Us Weekly stands by its family source, concluding: "It was a professional relationship that turned into something more."

** UPDATE: Star Magazine has also jumped on the Bret and Tish bandwagon.

Its latest edition quotes friends who say Tish went all out to get the rocker's attention. She “would always show up to the studio in tight jeans and revealing T-shirts and flirt shamelessly with Bret," an insider says, claiming that Billy Ray was “ashamed of Tish’s behavior and wants out of this mess."

Are you buying this, readers?


Well I don't see Tish or Billy Ray Cyrus denying the allegations yet.


On this Rumor(and that's ALL that it IS!)and any of those to follow closely on its heels,I only have one thing to say: 'Believe only half of what you see---and NONE of what you hear.' THG has already proven so many of these tabloids have a tendency to just make-up stuff as they go along. Not One thing founded in truth---just sensationalized headlines that sell their papers...Truth? Who needs that?? Scandal sells! Doesn't matter if it's real or not...But if it's not(as I suspect it isn't)---the Tab's sure are hurting quite a few people and tarnishing some reputations that are going to taint some friendships---just to sell a few magazines...Sad---isn't it?
Good Luck and Prayers to the entire Cyrus family. I am sorry for the storm of tribulation's all of you must be going through. Stay strong and try to stay united. These are the times a family is supposed to pull together the most...
Later all; Hollywood--out...


i knww that Miley is becominq one of those chicks that no one espected her to be but i dnt think its fair on what she is livinq throuqh.(1)Her parents qettinq divorce (and we all need our dad && mom there with us not onlii for confort bt to encouraqe us).(2) The thinq wit lian.. Most of you ppl dnt like Miley i get it bt you need to tak that hatinq'' or watever && put it aside Miley Cyrus is a teenager just because she is famous doesn't mean she isn't like anyone of us...She has feelinqs yeahh , she has a famous life wit the paparazzis dats diff. from us..Bt otheer then that she is just like us.! My point is that i think what Tish && Billy Ray gotta do is just put their differences aside && think about their kids then their issues..(&& i really mean this) im not here to waist my time NO ! Not it all ! Bt because i think ppl need a wake up call ... && i just hope the (BEST FOR THE CYRUS FAMILY) !


You know if billy ray and trish want us to know why, then let them tell us all these rag-mags do is make everything even worst than things are already. plz think before you write or txt stuff about others. remember the golden rule "do onto others as you have done onto you, and don't say anything if it isn't anything good at all."


Bret, the way you love and adore your daughters, you must be scared as hell when they grow up and will be taken advantage of by guys like you. You would think you would change your ways because of your daughters. But hey, you're a dog. You get a smell and you can't control yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself Bret.


I wonder if Bret's long-time girlfriend will continue to hang around for another 16 years with no invitation of a marriage proposal after this latest headline.
Somewhere in her memory bank,Tish has got to believe that she still has to set a fine example for *all of her children.


I think this article is a load of old rubbish,cooked up by the tabloids,because they can't find out any information about why Billy ray & tush are splitting up.They've dine this,in the hopes Billy ray & tish,will make an announcement,to put these rumours to bed.Miley's mum,isn't like that,besides,when the announcement was made,of their split,it was said,there was no third party involved.Plz for gdness sake just leave them alone.l'm sure,all will be revealled in gd time.Just give them some space.l'm a huge fan of the Cyrus family,& l wish them all the's probably,the press that had a hand in causing the split,in the first place.Godbless the Cyrus family,xx
Keth White(Megamileyfan1)uk.


Ain't too many things worst than a teenager bringing a friend home,and Mama robs the cradle.
I really feel for Billy Ray,whom I believe loved his wife, but will not be able to forgive the humiliation and embarrassment of this scandal being attached to his family's name.


Miley worked with Bret on a song, and now your mom sleeps with him. Shame on Tish and Bret


shame on tish and bret

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