Tabloid Bombshell: Bret Michaels Slept with Tish Cyrus!

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Us Weekly drops a bombshell in its latest issue: the parents of Miley Cyrus got divorced because Tish Cyrus had an affair - with Bret Michaels!

Sources tell the tabloid that the rocker "got close to the entire family" in February, around the time he and Miley recorded their racy duet, "Nothing to Lose."

Tish, who serves as Miley's manager, was spotted at the Michaels' February 28 concert in Los Angeles, adds an insider, who says: "Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on."

Eventually, the country singer reportedly found out and filed for divorce from his wife of 17 years. He is seeking joint custody of their three children.

Reps for both Michaels and Tish deny this story, but Us Weekly stands by its family source, concluding: "It was a professional relationship that turned into something more."

** UPDATE: Star Magazine has also jumped on the Bret and Tish bandwagon.

Its latest edition quotes friends who say Tish went all out to get the rocker's attention. She “would always show up to the studio in tight jeans and revealing T-shirts and flirt shamelessly with Bret," an insider says, claiming that Billy Ray was “ashamed of Tish’s behavior and wants out of this mess."

Are you buying this, readers?


I dont't think Miley Cyrus is a whore and further more I belive Bret Michels is not Tish's type of man because Bret is the the who sleeps around on. Do you not remember Rock Of Love people I just think they have other problems that they don't want the world to know about so I would leave well enough alone and let them deal with it on their own.And Miley my 3,6 and 8 year olds love you I believe they are your biggest fans.


@Sarah...The wisdom of your comments awes the world.


@"The Wicked".....Suggest you reread the article. It clearly states that it was denied by both Bret and Tish.


That being said, dont forget to order my handbags, go to The story here about Mileys new song Who Owns My Heart and follow the link!Later all; Hollywood--out...


i think some people should learn to form sentences. i also think some people should learn how to spell. get a life!! thank you!


wtf...we'll although this may be just a rumour but they really did file in a divorce letter. this may be the case. now everyting is going donwards for miley, her album isnt selling, hannah montana's ending, just got back with liam and now her parents filed a divorce letter,plus this rumour. really hope it has already reach its worse and start to rise again. DONT GIVE UP MILEY!!!


Maybe that's why Miley's acting issues. It's rebellion. Lmao~ Too bad, so sad. Sucks 2 be her ;]


LMAO good, maybe M Cyrus will stop thinking she's so perfect. Besides, Tish looks like a cheap whore just like her daughter. I have no doubt in mind she cheated on Billy Ray, probably with other men too. LOL


I think everyone forgets that celebs are human too. They make mistakes just like us regular folk... :) I say, it's nobody's business. Things aren't always as they seem...


Tish Cyrus looks like a whore, she probably did.

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