Spencer Pratt Presents: "Inland Empire 909" (A Blatant Jersey Shore Knockoff)

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The Inland Empire (I.E.), colloquially known as the IE, is a metropolitan area centered around the cities of Riverside and San Bernardino in Southern California.

This region east of Los Angeles is also the site of Spencer Pratt's new reality show, Inland Empire 909, which you will likely never see on any television station.

Obsessed with Jersey Shore since its premiere, which also coincided with his own decline in relevance, Spencer is desperately trying to cash in on the concept.


WANNABE PRODUCER: Ha. All Spencer produces is laughter. Which we certainly appreciate, but that's not his intent. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Now an unemployed filmmaker, Spencer Pratt gushed to Radar about his new reality show, which he'll be "shopping to the networks in the coming weeks.”

“These girls will eat the cast of Jersey Shore alive,” said the former Hills villain. “They will keep it real and not say they are only that way for a show.”

“To be honest, I'm scared of the entire cast. Lauren from 909 is younger and more wild then J-Woww and they fight for real every single night.”

The Inland Empire 909 trailer begins on a black screen, then states the absurd number of viewers (4.8 million) that watched the Jersey Shore finale.

909 then promises a “younger and sexier” cast.

“They are the next level of reality TV. Where Jersey Shore and the East Coast has Snooki, the West Coast has T-BONE aka Tayrn, tearing it UP!" Mr. Heidi Montag boasts. ”The 909 is untapped, reality TV gold audiences have been waiting for.”

The 909 trailer shows troubled cast members barbequing and discussing sex, fights, partying and more. One guy reveals his stomach. Real original.

At least his quote-unquote feature film, Tower 69: Malibu Beach Patrol Featuring 3-D Boobs, was his own idea. A hilariously bad one, but his own.


I'm from redlands and dam who are these mommies from upland


omgosh, really? upland? upland is not hard at all haha. there just a bunch of rich people. i have lived there all my life, and just moved away. if this show hits the air, God help us all. Upland needs to just be left alone, i mean really, lets keep the city nice man


I agree with everyone else. Upland is not the real IE. It's too close to OC and LA. Riverside, on the other hand, would be a better definition for the IE. Lifted trucks, skunk hair, tattoos....They should film out there. And like everyone else is saying, they are misrepresenting Upland as a trashy town when it's a quiet, small, mellow town. Also, that cast is not of the typical Upland resident. If Spencer wants the ultimate IE, he needs to go further inland.


This is f*cking ridiculous! This isn't how the Inland Empire is at all. Those are just a bunch of stuck up high school kids that have no idea how the real world works. Grow up!


there a bunch of rich snobby bitches who think there the shit growing up and going to high school with all of them im so glad i got out when i did it is stupid i cannot believe this shit it seriously just gonna make us look bad reality show or not just looking at the little trailer they make themselves look like complete sluts whatever not my problem just really glad im not friends with any of those girls anymore


For the record...THERE IS NO IE REALITY SHOW!!! You will never see this show on TV. Again, there is NO REALITY SHOW based in UPLAND. I know these girls...and they have signed on to nothing - this is home video gone bad.


This is sad....making our city look way trashier then it actually is...those people are morons and if I ever witness the filming of this show, I'm going to egg the camera men.


wow this is sad..can't believe they are fliming in upland where I live...seriously? there just making another stupid reality show by making another city look trashy and stupid..and yet not all of the rich kids are trashy...but then again some kids who live on 11-25th street are hard headed excepted the Springfield...yea im from upland giving my opnion


Haha, Dont be haters! The second I saw Jersey Shore I thought... "Hey, this is just like the 909!' i would watch!


Jess-san Berdo,
The San Antonio Heights area is a rich white neighborhood, those kids are no more "gangsta" than Spencer Pratt himself. It looks like a bunch of rich, over indulged white kids playing "Gansta" dress up.

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