Source: Jake Gyllenhaal on "Cloud Nine" Over Taylor Swift, Planning Rendezvous in Paris

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Reports indicate that Taylor Swift is more serious about her career than Jake Gyllenhaal.

But the same can't be said about the actor's feelings regarding this young singer. According to Hollywood Life sources, Jake has dated since his split with Reese Witherspoon, but "no one has put a smile on his face like Taylor. He’s really on cloud nine."

Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor

Call them Swiftenhaal or Gyllenwift. Just don't call Taylor and Jake a casual couple any longer.

Following casual dates in NYC and California, things between Swiftenhaal will allegedly heat up this December, as insiders claim: “The two are planning to spend the holidays together. And Jake plans to meet Taylor in Paris at the beginning of the new year, where she’ll be performing.”

How did these two even cross paths?

Maggie Gyllenhaal supposedly met Swift at a charity event and thought she was a "sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders." She told her brother the same.

But might she have walked her sibling into a trap? Will Swift soon pen a revenge song titled "Dear Jake?" Unlikely, a source says.

“He’s not like the other men Taylor has dated. Jake is no John Mayer. He’s a very sweet and sensitive guy. He treats women with respect.”


ok iam getting tired of hearing if they are are if they are not i wish they make their mind up and come out and say they are dating it is so studip for not coming out and say they are dating i think jake needs to run because she'll make a hit song about their relateship.


i agree that it is just a bad PR stunt. shes peddling an album,him a movie, and to the public nothing sells your product more then being in a relationship. plus, maggie g has better better taste then offense to taylor but shes just too unexperienced.


How come old Jake can't find someone his own age? His suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation probably has something to do with that.


i love them together! hope they are both happy!!!


The moment that Jake expects Taylor to swallow his load is the moment that Taylor walks out on him.


LOL at you people actually falling for this crap! This is nothing more than a really bad PR stunt. Maggie wouldn't set up her brother with someone with so little life experience, nor would she be seen in the same social circles as Taylor. US Weekly already put out a (ficticious) story about how they met and it wasn't through Maggie. Also, this originated from one of the trashiest and least reliable sources for gossip. This whole stupid showmance is getting beyond ridiculous now and is making Jake look sad and desperate. There's nothing sweet or cute about this, it's just one of the least convincing shomances around.


They are really a cute couple!! And, he seems so sweet and romantic, I am JEALOUS!!
She is such a goody-two-shoes, Jake is probably eating it up, FOR SURE!! There's a (almost BIG) difference in age, so that might have somethin' to do with it, too! Regardless, I am REALLY happy for them (and jealous as hell, too)!!


omg there so cute


LOL I think Jake just thinks Taylor is young and inexperienced in the bedroom and figures she doesn't know the difference between a baby's dick and a man's dick... So he is happy that for once he won't be judged by his penis size alone... Sadly, I know the feeling LOL!!!!


I think it's really sweet that they're together. I just hope things go well for Taylor this time. Don't break her heart, Jake! You'll regret it when her next album comes out!

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