Sebastian Bach Busted For Biting Bouncer

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Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario this morning after cops say he smashed a wine glass at a bar and got into a melee.


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    Sebastian was seperated from Royal wife Lavina Kymille because those who desired her wanted Bach out of the way.A lot of Moolah!


    Skid Row Sébastian Bach's voice is just as good today,having lost none of its clarity.Just why does hé cover Guns n Roses songs on stage sincè Axl and Bas are friends?


    Seldom seen,but dressed head to toe in Biba,vampiric Nymphaea lavina and posh sister was at Siouxsie's+ Viv's Southbank London gig.Some say the sex-starved estranged undivorced mafiosa wife of Skid Row Sébastian Bach who once asked Bach to prétend hér work colleague was hér,was seen to be shy yet obviously fancying a blond boy model in a blood red satin shirt who walked infront of hér.


    Sebastian Bach and Lavina Nymphaea they never loved someone else the way they loved each other. Their love was(and still but different way - yeh, they are more than one strong evidence that proves that")passionate, strong, romantic,erotic, lustful, but also fragile till the point they "intended" to hurt each other. Sebastian has survived from sever attacks from different kind of powerful rivals , some jealous of him (and skid Row - some wanted to break'm up and destroy Bach), and in someway..they were successful in that.


    Skid Rows Sebastian Bachs secret fucking beautiful first wife Kymiliel Nymphaea was asked her views on a Skid Row reunion,she said she hopes he sings with Skid Row again even if its just one tour ,possibly late October.The elusive missing wife has never seen him sing,she was not often around allowing Maria free reins.Nymphaea was always back and forth to europe,sometimes at home with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page,playing guitar in the kitchen.On that high note we now understood why she rarely went home to Sebastian,who walked around for five years carrying their wedding certificate,even on tours and drinks.


    Sebastians always mentioned Kymiliel Nymphaea,all his friends knew i believe they even renewed their vows in hollywood,lets hope that criminal side of Sebastian does not upset lovely Nymphaea who was beautiful,everyone desired her and Sebastian would go insane,rumour has it he was real violent with her and she never called the cops once! Divorced,i doubt this,Maria was his common law wife.


    Did Skid Rows Sebastian Bach has a first wife Kymiliel Nymphaea since 1986,from europe,they married the same day they met! Was Maria a common law wife as it is unlikely Sebastian divorced Kymiliel who was a former goth songstress also sometimes in 80's band Gene loves Jezebel.


    I bet you it was a BIG misunderstanding. Sebastian was a lil tipsy and he thought the wine in his hand was actually a can of Hair Net hairspray, and when they asked him to put it down he went ape-shit!! Who can blame him when hairspray has been such a staple in his life since the early 80's???

    Oh ya, and the marijuana he had on him is for his cataracts.

    Do these charges result in 18 to life???



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