Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Just Married!!!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just got married, readers! Didn't you hear?!?

Granted, this event took place on camera and in character, as Edward and Bella tie the knot in Breaking Dawn and the stars are currently in Brazil shooting wedding and honeymoon scenes... but those pesky details would get in the way of OK! misleading readers with the following cover story:

We'll save you the cover price of this tabloid: Rob and Kristen are not married; the truth about Kendra's pregnancy is that she is not pregnant; and Kate's kids got expelled because she's a terrible mother. You're welcome.

Speaking on the fake nuptials, an on-set source reveals:

“Rob and Kristen were in a world of their own, rehearsing and running the scene. They were so cute together, looking very much in love - when they were filming and when the cameras were off.”

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I think rob and kristen have great chemistry together and are both very attractive so if they really wanted to get married i say right on love u rob and kristen dont listen to the haters


shut the f*ck up ok stop talkin trash about kristen k yall did bad things too so if yall dnt like her then stop commentin stupid shit. now i HOPE he marries her why du i think so u ask? cuz he LOVES her so shut up haters!!!!


HAHAHAHAH OKAY magazine you have outdone yourself this time... their characters did get married but they didn't. I long long long ago stopped believing okay... I just look at it in stores so I can mock it!!! LOL even they admit they have to only photos... because everyone else has a hard time getting photos that aren't real!!


Why would Rob even consider marrying Kristen? The only reason that would be is to live a life full of drama... She is such a fake..


thankkkkk youu! i just saw that at a store and i wanted to cryyy hahahahaha! soooo misleadingg


How did she even get cast for Bella? She looks like she is tweakin in all the movies the way she twitches an acts paranoid all the time. Along with horrible special effects she makes the movies look like low budget films with her terrible acting.


Thank you!!!! Saved me 5 bucks :)


shut the fuck up!


I hope he has sense enough not to marry sour puss.


Thats so sweet and all wot happend to zanessa lol