Report: Kate Gosselin Has No Friends

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Despite having multiple reality shows and eight cute kids, Kate Gosselin, is a sad and lonely individual with no friends, according to a new report.

Yup, we can totally see that.

A source close to the celeb mom says that despite what she wants you to think, "The truth is Kate is very sad and lonely with few true friends."

Sad, Lonely Woman

ALL BY HERSELF: That's Kate these days. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

When she's not watching over her kids or filming Kate Plus 8, the perfectionist is seen wasting money on tanning, getting her nails done or visiting NYC salons.

Moreover, she has a dedicated routine routine of grueling jogs to relieve stress and keep herself in tip-top condition, but even that's coming at a heavy price.

"Even her kids have noticed that their mom is sometimes too tired to play with them when the cameras are not rolling," the Gosselin family source said.

Her only confidant? Steve Neild.

"Her bodyguard, Steve Neild is the closest person to her, but he's married with two kids of his own," the source said. "Steve lives in the basement of her home and accompanies Kate everywhere, but they deny there is anything going on."

They always have, and they're likely isn't anything romantic, but regardless, Neild is about all she's got when it comes to adult, personal relationships.

"Apart from Steve she does not have many friends to confide in or just go out with ... she does not have the best relationship with her family either."

Even locals in the neighborhood have become judgmental.

"She is not popular at the local stores, post office or car wash ... she cannot win people over and comes across as cold and aloof," the source said.

Pretty much. Jon Gosselin knows it all too well.

"Kate finds it hard to be friendly towards people and is very domineering - she is pre-occupied with looking her best and keeping-up appearances."

It's true, she does her best to make it seem like she's got the family thing under control. Sadly, making the kids eat rotten food doesn't qualify.


After following this family on TV for a couple of years, I understand noone can glean the real truth about anyone from the media. I will say that based on her on screen manic behavior, I have a very, very hard time imagining that this woman was a nurse, and gave genuine selfless care. It's sad, she appears stiff and aloof, but that's appearance. Everyone needs friends, and your kids are not replacements. The whole thing is sad. I do wonder where the childrens' share of this cash cow is going, and I hope they have trusts. Get a therapist, Kate, one who will not buy your delivery. Good luck, really.


@ aka: So are you saying that if you are not a bitch you are weak? You do not have to be a bitch all the time, only when need be. kate is a bitch ALL THE TIME!!


not a bit surprised! She's still the same bitch and fame whore she has always been, just with a little more money. These 8 kids should be living with their dad and experiencing as much as a "normal" life as possible. It's time that they all learn that it's not normal to be able to travel, taking school days off going places and being treated like their more special then their class mates just because their mom has forced them into doing TV shows for her own benefit. All 8 kids are going to end up on the streets doing drugs and or booze because they lack love and a whole lot else. Fake Kate is not at all pretty, her lack of having a personality comes through no matter how much she buys her looks. As far as Steve goes, they have been together for a very long time and if he's "living" in her basement then his wife and kids aren't with him.....hummmmmmmm please, we are not stupid!


Kate, just get back to being a mom. Fleeting celebrity is ruining your life. It's your kids who are suffering. You need to get over yourself.


Just take a look at the expression on her face. Do YOU want to be friends with that???


Kate is very much selffulfilled person. responsible. hardworking. smart-wise. beautiful. why shouldn't she be a little bit a bitch? look at rich and powerful people-aren't they all a bitches in their own way? to stay in this world in a place you must run. why should she be weak? in this way she could be nobody- like we are! She WON with huge work the success. God bless her and kids.


Surprise surprise when you are the biggest bitch in the world of course you will have no friends. The truth hurts plus you are a single mother of eight kids, who has time for friends just be a mom for once!!


Kate does not really have to worry about having friends, afterall
she has 8 children who will continue to love her and take good care of her in her golden years. As long as she have a few frienemies out there like us who keep her in the news by commenting on what we think is her life,she will be able to smile just knowing that she can continue to read about herself.


Oh yeah I know I was just saying lol


Really? Noone really cares about this fruitloop! When oh when will her 15 minutes be over?!?!?!? She's a biatch, that's the real reason she has no friends. Break out the violins. UGH!


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