Report: Dancing With the Stars Set On Lockdown After White Powder Mailed to Bristol Palin

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Emergency responders raced to CBS Television City studios late Friday after a white powder substance was found by a member of the Dancing with the Stars staff.

The apparent target, according to TMZ, was likely Bristol Palin.

Law enforcement sources say the powder substance was discovered by a DWTS staff member, and a section of the studio was then evacuated and cordoned off.

Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin

Fortunately, the FBI reported it appears to be mere talcum powder after "initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances." An investigation continues.

The powder was contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Bristol Palin. We know plenty of fans are upset with her long run on the show, but this is just wrong.

Come on, people. There's nothing funny about terrorist threats, even if Brandy's elimination really sucked. Get a grip ... also, the white powder thing is so 2001.

Now that this is over and it looks like everyone's free from danger, we can go back to debating whether Bristol deserves to be in the finals ...


Just snort it and let's move on.


Looks like the only freaks that are screaming conspiracey are the stoned ass liberals. You guys really need to put down the crack pipes, sober up and listen to what you are saying. Tea partiests are trying to rulethe world via DWTS....they did this to make us feel sorry for her, so she can win & eventually rule the world with her mother!! They must be stopped....look at the lengths they would go to!! YOU ARE CRAZY!! Invoking such psychotic behavior and then following up this act with outlandish is a show about celebrities learning how to dance & then steppin in front of the world & showing what they just learned. I knew you were stupid when you endorsed and voted for Obama, but to now target this woman that is trying to make a life for herself & support her are just crazy people.


Just another plot by the tea party. Her's how it works. AMERICA knows Bristol DOES NOT deserve to be in the finals and had been very vocal about it. The tea party comes up with the plan to make her seem like a victim so WHEN she wins it's because she has overcome all the harse threats and an attempt against her life. It was nothing more the baby powder I'm sure. The tea party wants to drum up sympathy and lets not forget interest in someone the America public doesn't want to tolerate another second. Boost the rating for what will be the a sure win for Bristol who looks like she is having a seizure on the dance floor.


i think its crap they jus want attention lets jus let go n accept the inevitable SHE'S GONNA WIN crazed tea party nuts r riggin the election so either dont watch or stfu as willow says either way its not lyk shes winning anythin important which is more than they could do for mama grizzly ;D


That is priceless! Lmao. The funniest thing I've heard lately. What they should have sent her fat ass was slim fast.She could really use that or maybe a 5 year gift certificate for dance lessons!


Good dumbass liberal freaks. Feeding the hate machine & then trying to scare this young woman out of this silly show, just because you hate her mother? Bunch of whacky mothertruckers....


DWTS is produced on the CBS Studios lot along with other shows that air on other networks. These include live shows such as American Idol (FOX), America's Got Talent (NBC), So You Think You Can Dance (FOX), Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) as well as the upcoming Skating With The Stars (ABC). This info is available on show ticket sites.


mark u i admire her bravery and all that, but she cant dance and should not be in the finals, she is better suited to be a teen advocate


bristols dancing looks like a frog on steriods. she just flubbers around its nauseating to watch her, so i just take my bathroom break when she is on.


whoever did that needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is never a good reason for terrorism. I mean my goodness, its a reality show and even though I can't understand how she has made it this far, unless mommie buying her votes, its TV.

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