Prince William & Kate Middleton Videos: Interviews, Reaction and More!

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Hey, did you hear that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged? And that the former gave the latter his mother's old engagement ring? It's true.

This couple is everywhere this week, following the blockbuster announcement that the two are set to get married in the spring or summer of 2011. We have a feeling they'll continue to dominate every corner of the news world until the day they tie the knot.

The Future King and Queen

How did the proposal come about? How do Kate's parents feel about the upcoming nuptials? Can we see a larger shot of that giant ring?

Below, THG has posted a trio of videos, from an interview with Middleton and William to an interview with the former's excited parents. Sit back, watch and get to know this Royal pairing better than ever:


Of course her parents are happy, they can now mingle with the upper class. It its so clear that Kate and her family are just after the title. Will is probably confused because his father married his mother mostly because of the pressure to chose an upper class lady. And we all know how that turned out...although at least all Di did was sleeping around, she didn't need the title and was already rich. I'm rooting for Will to say NO at the altar, that'd be a climax for those gold diggers.


Kate is fantastic. She is educated, well spoken, fearless and very attractive. She is it all. William is lucky. SHe stood in front of those flashing cameras and did not flinch. I have never seen so many camera flashes. She is going to WOW the world.

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