Portia de Rossi to Go Dancing With the Stars ... With Same Sex Partner?

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Is Portia DeGeneres considering joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars next season? If and when she does, would she be given a same-sex partner?

Phoning in this morning to Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Ellen DeGeneres' wife discussed both possibilities. She didn't confirm anything, nor did she pass.

Tom DeLay on DWTS

"They're planning to feature a same-sex couple. You're at the top of the list," Ryan told her. "Goodness, you really do break news," she replied, startled.

"I'm not gonna pass, let me think about it," the Arrested Development star said. "I used to be a ballet dancer, it's not completely a pass. You never know."

DWTS producers are keeping close tabs on the Israeli version, which is about to feature the first same-sex pairing in any of the international  editions.

If that goes well, we could see a similar move in the U.S.

Portia, who's been making the rounds to promote her new book, Unbearable Lightness, said she's gotten "more honest and open about my sexuality."

Being on Dancing With the Stars with a woman would certainly be a step in that direction. What do you think of the idea of same-sex partners on DWTS?


if your parents were as gay as you you would'nt be here
so shame on your stupidity wake up get back to god pray he will find a way to proper happiness,


This is reallly!!! DUMB, like come on now this is just going wayyy to far. I respect the gay and lesbianm community but to have to go as far as to have to dance with another woman? That's just ridiculous, many gay men and for all I know it lesbian women dance with the opposite sex all the time, it's not a big deal and it would just look really awkward to have 2 girls in a dance hold. Personally I think this is really immature and if she can't dance with an icky man then she shouldn't dance at all, like come on it's not like we are asking her to have a emotional/sexual relationship with her partner.


You say that as they are spreading a disease! WTH? Really? They are not imposing their lifestyle on anyone.


Are people completely retarded? Who cares if she may have a female partner.. Ever think that dancing with a man might make her uncomfortable? This is 2010!!!!People date the same sex and are open about it! Grow up!! Its people that have negative comments about same sex couples that make gay people commit suicide. They feel like what they are doing must be hidden away... Being different is wrong?? First it was interacial couples, now this. .Get over it. Its not like they are gonna be having sex on tv.. If you dont like it then dont watch it... still gonna be plenty of people that do watch it.. Wow. People are just so ignorant. Im a straight woman but I support same sex couples.I know children that are more accepting of same sex couples than adults and thats just sad.Grow up!


i dont personally agree with being gay or lesbian but im not going to judge you if you are. but this is RIDICULOUS! i am a dancer myself and you cannot do half the dances and lifts without the strength of a man! secondly why does anybody need to see two girls be sexy doing a slow dance or tango together?? if people want to see that than they should just watch porn dont make everybody else sit through it! i think that they are pushing the gay rights too far and this makes me not want to watch it anymore!


This is STUPID purely for the fact that it would not make for good dancing. First, men are not going to dance with another man. That leaves 2 women. Women do NOT have the strength to do the moves needed to make the show awesome like it is. EVERYTHING in the world does not have to be PC, leave the show the way it is!


our country was founded on the principle of acceptance. We are considered the great melting pot. I personally like it this way. I feel that we should all accept each other for who we are. sunny if you would rather live in another geographic location than share a tv show with gay people then just go and quit getting our hopes up please. I'm so TIRED of ignorance. and sunny you are right this is war and the smart people of the United States will win. I'm quite sure that a majority of those people live in mid america.


Miss Vanity: Do you think there are no casualties in war? This is WAR! There will be casualties! I am not going to hide in a closet any more and play nicey nice.. I am going to rally the troops of mid America. The only people who have any sense anymore. The east coast and west coast people have mutated into a new race. They scare me with their lifestyle. I would rather be dropped in the Amazon Jungle and take my chances than be put on the streets of New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.


Okay first off its ignorant people like you all leaving these negative comments that have lead to so many nice, compassionate, loving people to commit suicide. Their people just like us that just so ahppen to perfer dating the same sex. I think its great if she wants to perform with another female, good luck to them both! Im straight and happily married to an amazing man but i support and have nothing bad to say at all about the gay community. i think theyre absolutly wonderful, kind hearted, loving people that deserve to be treated just like eveyone else! They just want and absolutly deserve the same respect, oppertunities, and accpetance as anyone does. So i say shame on you all that have such mean, negative and hurtful things to say. I think your pathetic and need to keep your stupid mouths shut. Thanks


Oh, Hopeful. I am so "hopeful" for this world, but I have no idea what you meant in your post. Myself and many others in this country want our country back. I am sick of "politically correct". Can't say this, can't say that because someone might be offended. Well, I AM OFFENDED. I want normalcy back. I want people to keep their lives in a closet and not show it to the world. I want people to be kind and tactful. Am I a majority of one?

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