PETA: FUR-ious Over Kim Kardashian Koat Selektion

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It was unseasonably warm in New York City yesterday, as temperatures hovered in the mid-50s.

But that didn't stop Kim Kardashian from breaking out a pair of fur coats, much to the chagrin of an organization that actually rivals this reality star in its need for attention.

Kim in Fur

Is PETA 2 FUR-ious at Kim Kardashian for these coats?

After seeing photos of Kim in the attire above, PETA released the following statement:

Kim Kardashian is a woman who has everything - except, it seems, an ounce of sympathy for the animals who have the fur ripped off their backs so that she can purchase yet another gaudy jacket. We wish she would take a cue from her fur-free sister, Khloé Kardashian - but evidently, kindness and generosity don’t run in the family.”

Snaps, yo.

It's true that Khloe got naked for a PETA campaign months ago, but it's also true she simply dd that as a way to garner attention.

As for her sister, you tell us: Does PETA make a compelling case? Kim in a fur coat is...


ok she needs to stop killing aniamls for fur i thought khloe did i reather go nude then wear fur i just they lie the petea is going to get them i hope someone pour red paint on kim she is so studip for wearing real fur/


@ExpAArtygurl: don't be a fucking idiot. What the fuck did a baby seal ever do to you. You sound retarted saying that. And if you got a kid and all that extra stuff I'm sure you probably couldn't even afford one. Who says their gonna go walk around peta with a baby seal jacket on?? Just because you a lonely, low-life person doesn't mean you have to be a jackass.

Sydney strange

What kind of idiot compares skinning live animals to abortions? Atleast after a woman has an abortion she doesnt ask for it to be skinned to wear around as a fuckin necklace. All the karCASHians are dipsy tools making money out of boobjobs and make up.


Thts rlly pathetic tht kim would do that. She was at the shoot for Khloe when she did the PETA thing and she was there to "support" her. That doesnt look like support


Do you really think Kim gives a rat's-ass about PETA? Her endorsement checks from Carl Jr's should eliminate any debate.


Haha Kim with the hat and the coat ecxatly copying j.lo


I say FUCK PETA!! Just because they are all lonely, not to attractive, weirdo doesn't mean that they can tell people what they can and can't eat or wear! I fully intend to saunter my pleasantly plump ass in front of PETA's Headquaters in an all white, 3/4 length baby seal coat! YEAH I said it! If rich people wanna wear fur, let them! I have rent, lights, gas, groceries, gas for the car & a 10 mo child to worry about! @ Fupa...I'm sorry that you have so many issues with yourself that you are that concerned about other people! Go home, ask for a hug, make a friend!


Something tells me that those K-Kids wouldn't want to be kaught dead wearing anything faux (with the exception of boobs and eyelashes). Besides, there are butt-loads of famous Furriers scattered all around NYC. That alone would pose the question if she actually had to unload any HARD EARNED KASH for such a kool looking koat. Promo photo shoot perhaps? Damn... you guys got me using all these fricking K's now. Anyway, at least there is a chance some poor souls had an oportunity to feast on what was once inside those matching boots.


Well did anyone ask her if it were faux fur. Faux fur looks and feels like the real deal now days. People please keep focused on the real issues. I do not agree with animals being killed for needless reasons or babies for that matter. Places that torture animals should be shut down. Abortion clinics should be shut down. The CHOICE is NOT to have sex, not wait until your pregnant and go OOOOPS! In the case of rape they have the morning after pill that is FREE! No excuses people. As for animals they are very precious and people who torture should be shot themselves.


@ fupa: Your argument is lacking any sort of logic. Minks are not capable of becoming pregnant while drug-addicted, irresponsible or in high school. Abortion is a catalyst for natural selection & a means to control overpopulation and unwanted children being born into a world without anyone to care for them. Way to correlate two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT issues, asshat.

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