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LOL. No, we don't really believe the above headline.

Jennifer Grey is as worthy a Dancing With the Stars champion as they come. But Bristol Palin, for all that was said about her, got kind of a bad rap.

Her third-place finish was, in the opinion of many pundits and Palin haters, waaay too high. But was it actually just about right ... or not high enough?

Third-Place Finishers

America's collective reaction to Bristol's DWTS run.

We've talked at length about why she should have gone home sooner, but now, let's give the girl her due. Here's a list of reasons Bristol deserved to win it ...

  1. She improved A LOT this fall, and Jennifer Grey? Kind of a ringer.
  2. Brandy and Audrina fans could've stepped up too, and did not.
  3. She wasn't a complete stiff. Seriously. She's no Kate Gosselin.
  4. Her scores never led the pack, but were always competitive.
  5. She's not Sarah Palin, and isn't worthy of that kind of vitriol.
  6. Thanks in part to Bristol, Willow Palin went off on Facebook.
  • Caged Bristol
  • Oh, The Passion
  • Ballas and Palin
  • Mark Ballas, Bristol Palin Pic

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    Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a temporary respite from rehab this weekend. On the docket for the troubled, recovering actress? Coffee and cigarettes.

    Guess caffeine and nicotine rank pretty far down the list of Lindsay Lohan vices. Kicking her addictions to cocaine and alcohol are top priorities.

    Here's LiLo at a local Starbucks near Palm Springs ...

    Free For a Day

    Lindsay's looking (mostly) healthy these days. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

    The 24-year-old spent Thanksgiving with her dad. While she and Michael Lohan are on better terms, he hasn't been able to get Linds to quit smoking.

    Last month, when the reunited twosome began to mend fences, MiLo sent her an electric cigarette as part of a care package, apparently to no avail.

    Oh well. Maybe that'll come after she completes her stint in rehab, which has been going on for two months-plus and seems to be working wonders.

    What do you think? Can she stay clean this time?


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    With his acoustic album hitting stores on November 26 (seriously, go download it. We'll wait here...), Justin Bieber has now released the official music video for "Pray."

    The only new single off "My Worlds: The Collection," this song is one of Bieber's more emotional ballads. As the following video depicts, it asks fans to consider issues around the world, such as war and poverty.

    It also comes on the heels of Justin's anti-bullying PSA, as this 16-year old continues to prove his maturity and perspective in a number of ways. Turns out, the causes for Bieber Fever aren't simply shaggy hair and an adorable smile...

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    You've heard the rumors. You've read the quotes from anonymous sources. But you still haven't seen Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal together.

    Until now!

    Following a Thanksgiving morning spent at a Brooklyn coffee shop, this likely couple visited Swift's hometown of Nashville over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon, the two were seen getting breafast at Fido, a coffeehouse and café near Vanderbilt University. Allow us to present actual evidence this time:

    Swiftenhaal: Alive and well!

    "They were smiling and laughing. They were talking a lot and enjoying each other's company," a witness told People. "They didn't look like friends."

    Another customer named Emma Rice, who posted this picture online, added that Taylor and Jake looked "very cute" and "seemed close."

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    From America's Got Talent to America's got a burgeoning superstar on its hands...

    Jackie Evancho, the 10-year sensation who mesmerized television viewers this summer with her operatic voice, has set a Billboard record with the release of the album "O Holy Night." It sold 239,000 copies in its first-week of release, ranked number-two on the Billboard 200 chart and made Evnacho the top-selling debut artist of 2010.

    "Jackie Evancho is one of the purest and finest vocalists I've ever heard, and the initial response to her debut release has been phenomenal," said Steve Barnett, Chairman of Columbia Records.

    See what all the buzz is about for yourself. Watch Jackie sing the title single off her CD at a recent Pittsburgh Christmas parade. The video is posted below.

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    Heidi Montag, who infamously underwent more than 10 operations in one day, is now sharing the painful memories and emotions of a journey for perfection.

    In an ABC Primetime Special titled "Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?" airing last week, the plastic princess said she felt she would "die out of pain!"

    "I thought that first night that I came out of the hospital I was going to die out of pain," Heidi Montag recalls now. "I looked like I was hit by a truck."

    Heidi Pops Out

    We can't believe it either, Heidi. [Photo:]

    Montag has now confirmed most, if not all, of her surgeries this year:

    • Nose job
    • Brow lift
    • Chin shaving
    • Back scooped out
    • Ears pinned back
    • Lipo on inner/outer thighs
    • Fat injected into her cheeks
    • Absolutely hilarious, FREAKISHLY GIGANTIC breast implants

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    The Black Eyed Peas are on a roll.

    Fresh off an American Music Awards win for Best Pop Group (click here to watch their futuristic performance), the gang will do the Super Bowl halftime show.

    "The Black Eyed Peas are officially performing the Super Bowl halftime show in Dallas," tweeted to fans, confirming the can't-miss mini-concert.

    The Peas are the first non-rock group to hit the stage since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's famous wardrobe-malfunction during halftime in 2004.

    Since then, older and less controversial artists such as the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, The Who and Bruce Springsteen have done the honors. No longer.

    They could have picked anybody. It says something that they picked us," will said.

    Indeed. We can't wait to hear "Let's Get it Started" at a sporting event for once.

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    Director Bill Condon has given Twilight Saga fans a major gift for Thanksgiving: The first photo from Breaking Dawn!

    The film opens in less than a year, on November 18, 2011. While Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been photographed making out with each other in Brazil over the last couple weeks, this is the first actual image from the movie.

    So, what is it? What did Condon Tweet? Find out below!

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    For many celebrities this year, Thanksgiving was a time for turkey, pumpkin pie... and romance!

    For example, while NBC aired a special in her honor Thursday night, Taylor Swift spent the holiday with new man toy Jake Gyllenhaal. They went for coffee in Brooklyn around 10:30 that morning and "were really really sweet," said a witness.

    Jake, Tay


    • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green snapped a picture of themselves at Disney World.
    • Glee star Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer partied at Groucho club in London.
    • Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry hung out together in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
    • Lindsay Lohan dined with Samanta Ronson at the latter's apartment.

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    It was anything but a Black Friday for residents of New York City yesterday.

    That's because Justin Bieber made multiple appears in the Big Apple, first giving an interview to Today in which he answered a number of fan e-mails; and then stopping by a Barnes & Noble to sign copies of his autobiography.

    Watch Justin discuss his American Music Awards victory below, along with his upcoming acoustic album and 3D movie. Then, click on photos of the artist from his book store signing:

    • Barnes, Noble & Bieber
    • Holding a Best-Seller
    • Justin in NYC
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