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Jenny Humphrey, the Gossip Girl character portrayed by Taylor Momsen, was termed "Gothic Barbie" on last night's installment of the CW series.

Taylor and Jenny really are morphing into the same person. Momsen's rock band, The Pretty Reckless, has a new video out for their song "Just Tonight."

In it, Gothic Barbie does her fans proud. No, there's no Taylor Momsen topless shots, but just wait for the next concert. Here's their latest music video ...

Can Taylor Momsen cut it as a rock star?


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Mel Gibson may have learned his lesson.

He had plenty to say earlier this year (see our library of Mel Gibson tapes), but he didn't utter a word to Oksana Grigorieva during his deposition Monday.

The actor was grilled during a marathon court session over myriad child custody issues, with Oksana huddling with her lawyers, suggesting questions.

Not a word was exchanged between the feuding ex-lovers.

Interestingly, Mel's deposition was videotaped! The tapes, TMZ reports, will be watermarked to trace any leak, but nothing in this case has stayed secret.

Mel never lost his cool but seemed annoyed at times, and used his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination during domestic violence questions.

Oksana's lawyers, who want to hold him in contempt, were not able to play the now-infamous Mel Gibson rants she secretly tapes during the meeting.

In a word, sources say the deposition was "contentious."

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Following this disaster, Kim Kardashian might have finally realized she has no future in the fashion business.

So, what's next for the huge-boobed reality star? Gulp, a pop album.

Sources confirm that Kardashian is actually working with producer/songwriter Terius "The Dream" Nash on a CD, as insiders simply say: the duo is recording in New York City and "working on some fun music."

Wearing Ugly Clothes

Would you purchase a Kim Kardashian CD?


** We've actually come across rumored titles for this album. They are:

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It wasn't exactly a startling revelation, but Ricky Martin told the world he was gay in March of this year. What promoted this announcement?

"I couldn't take it anymore. It was too painful," he told Oprah Winfrey this week, adding that his children, Valentino and Matteo, played a key role in the decision. "Before I decided to become a father, I already accepted who I was. I was happy with who I was. When I held my children, I said, OK, it was time to tell the world."

Carlos Gonzalez Abella Picture

How did Martin feel after his famous blog post went live?

"I felt relieved. I felt free, I felt liberated, I could finally say I loved myself completely. For many years, I was trying to pretend I was somebody [else]."

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When they go to the polls today, Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart will likely vote for many of the same candidates.

But these two commentators don't see eye-to-eye on the roll of cable news in society. At his Rally to Restore Sanity, The Daily Show host lambasted Fox News, MSNBC and all 24-hour news stations for their role in today's climate of anger and intolerance, saying:

"If we amplify everything, we hear nothing. The press is our immune system. If it overreacts to everything, we eventually get sicker."

Keith Olbermann vs. Stewart

These and other criticisms of his vocation prompted the following Tweets in response from Olbermann:

It wasn't a big shark but Jon Stewart jumped one just now with the ‘everybody on Thr cable is the same’ naiveté. The America before today's cable wasn't reasonable discussion. It was the 1-sided lockstep of Fox and people afraid of Fox. That got us Iraq.

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Nah. They were just putting the "trick" in trick-or-treat.

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn's live-in boyfriend, Tweeted the pic below, showing himself on bended knee, appearing to propose to the home-wrecking Shape cover girl.

Of course, the sign behind them reads White Chapel Lunatic Asylum, so that's a giveaway. On the flip side, truth is often stranger than fiction with these two.

As if Brandi Glanville needs another reason to drive drunk ...

OMG: This is Eddie and LeAnn's attempt at humor!

"They are not engaged," says a source close to Rimes. "It was just part of the Halloween fun." By fun, they apparently mean making light of the fact that their affair ended their respective marriages. Hey, whatever makes you smile.

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The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack, featuring "Obsession" by Sky Ferreira (see video below) and other great tracks, has been released. Want to win a free copy?

A free copy signed by star Ian Somerhalder, no less?

All you have to do to in order to enter THG's exclusive Vampire Diaries Soundtrack giveaway is comment and tell us why you think we should give it to you.

That's it. Comment below and make your case. You must log in to be eligible. You can register or login using your Facebook account in the comment box.

This contest is open to U.S. residents only and ends Tuesday, November 9. We'll pick the winner then! Why do you deserve a signed soundtrack? Tell us ...

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Lindsay Lohan's friends visited her for the first time in rehab Sunday, bringing special treats for the occasion. We're talking heroin and cocaine Halloween costumes!

English socialite Victoria Hervey and LiLo's rumored assistant/girlfriend Eilat Anschel teamed up with chief enabler/mom Dina to spread spooky cheer for LiLo.

They brought costumes to the Betty Ford Clinic to play dress-up. Lindsay Lohan had a blast, too. Nothing like good, old-fashioned wholesome fun in detox!

No word if Lindsay dressed up as a criminal this year.

Sources close to the star say “Lindsay is doing incredibly well and making amazing progress." Another source adds, “She seems so much stronger and confident.”

That's certainly good to hear for Linds. If she accepts PETA's offer to go vegetarian, she'll come out of there in a better financial position as well as physical, too.

No word on the exact costumes she donned, but LL's used to misrepresenting herself, if you know what we mean. We mean she makes up excuses a lies a lot.

Hello? Is this thing on? Tough crowd ...

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How can a 16-year old have enough life experience to pen an autobiography? Let's turn that question over to Justin Bieber.

“I decided to write this book at such a young age because there is so much stuff on the Internet that is misconstrued and a lot of people have [written] stuff about me and it’s just not right," he said at a book signing this week.

Makes sense to us... but not sure if we can say the same about the singer in glasses. He donned the look at the event, as pictured here:

Adorable Autobiographer
  • Rocking Glasses
  • Holding His Book
  • Adorable in Glasses
  • The Biebs and his Book
  • Ready to Sign Books

What do you think of Justin wearing glasses?


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Britney Spears' handlers are asking a judge to protect her from a "shake down" by a former bodyguard who they believe could put the pop singer in danger.

Fernando Flores, a who claims the pop star sexually harassed him by, among other things, walking around her home naked, poses a threat to her, they say.

The risk is less about potential physical harm than the information he has. Flores is looking to have the case tried in civil court, which troubles Team Spears.

Brit in a Bikini

Britney's conservators are concerned that Flores will use the public forum to release private information about the eccentric celebrity to extort a settlement.

In new legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Britney's camp has asked the judge to move the case to a probate court in order to keep it private.

The conservators also say, "There is a real possibility that Ms. Spears will be exposed to danger by the release of confidential and personal information."

It's unclear what this dude's problem is. What's the big deal, Fernando? When any other guys see Britney Spears nude, their first instinct is to whip out something besides a cell phone to call their lawyer. Sexual harassment? Please.

Do you believe Fernando Flores' allegations?


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