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Bad news for concerned friends of Christina Aguilera: things are getting serious between the singer and production assistant/musician Matt Rutler.

Those close to Aguilera are reportedly worried that she's rebounding from her divorce with the wrong man, but that hasn't stopped this relationship from progressing.

The couple enjoyed an evening out at the Abbey in West Hollywood on November 24, where a witness says the pair drank, danced and "Christina was in a great mood and seemed very into Matt."

  • Annoyed by the Paparazzi
  • Hi, Xtina!

From there, sources tell People that Aguilera and Rutler flew to New York for the weekend, as the former left son Max with his father, Jordan Bratman.

"This is the first Thanksgiving she was without Max," said an insider. "It was really hard for her and she was feeling sad, so she decided to go to the East Coast with Matt and a group of friends."

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Lindsay Lohan wants the paparazzi to give her some space. This is no joke, or just an offhand comment she made - girl wants a restraining order up in this piece.

The star thinks she's being denied driving privileges because of all the celebrity gossip personnel on her tail and wants her lawyer to put a stop to it ASAP.

She's seeking a restraining order prohibiting them from chasing her.

Searching For Her Soul

DRIVING MISS CRAZY: She won't be, thanks to the paps.

The L.A. County Probation Department, along with the DMV, have given Lindsay the green light to drive again, as has the Betty Ford clinic where she lives.

But just when LiLo was supposed the get the keys to Michael's Mercedes, Betty Ford decided it was too much of a safety risk to put her behind the wheel.

The paparazzi create an unsafe driving situation, officials believe.

It's unclear if a restraining order is viable legally in this case, or if her handlers will reverse their decision, but looks like Linds is stuck in neutral for now.

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In Black Swan, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman take part in a rather intense, girl-on-girl sex scene.

But, much to the chagrin of males everywhere, both actresses kept their clothes on at last night's Gotham Independent Film Awards.

Kunis donned a Oscar de la Renta dress for the event, which took place on Wall Street in Manhatten, while Portman chose a Lanvin for H&M frock. The latter is considered a serious contender for Best Actress at next year's Oscars, but does that mean she can conquer her co-star in this Fashion Face-Off? You tell us...

Fashion Face-Off!

Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman co-star in the movie Black Swan. Compare these actress' looks at the recent Gotham Independent Film Awards. View Poll »

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Katherine Jackson, the mother of the late Michael Jackson and the guardian of his three children, is about to clean house in more ways than one.

Renovations are being done and people are getting kicked out.

Prince Michael, Paris Jackson

Everyone is moving out of the Jackson compound in Encino, Calif., while the house undergoes extensive renovations. Some won't be returning.

PERSONA NON GRATA: That's Alejandra Jackson (left) with ex Jermaine.

Katherine Jackson and company are in the process of packing boxes and will leave the family home in early December for several months during remodeling.

The reason this is significant is that after the "stun gun" incident in March, when Jaafar Jackson tried to taser Blanket, Katherine wanted the teenager out.

More specifically, she wanted Alejandra Jackson and her four kids - two with Jermaine and two with Randy Jackson (yup, it's weird) - to beat it for good.

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The Kardashians have been ripping people off. No, we aren't referring to the fact that this family has managed to convince people to purchase its merchandise and waste hours of their lives following the exploits of utterly talentless individuals.

For now, at least, we're just talking about the credit card sponsored by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.

Kredit Kard

Due to allegations of exorbitant, possibly illegal fees, the Kardashians have yanked their prepaid Mastercard off the market. The move is a response to the Attorney General of Connecticut actually opening up an investigation because the card might have been violating consumer protection laws.

Let's all give Sarah Palin a moment to Tweet about how the government should just leave us alone, dammit...

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Britney Spears will ring in 2011 and quite possibly beyond under the control of her father, and the conservatorship is A-O-K with all the parties involved.

There are no plans to end the conservatorship, which was created in February 2008 after the singer went off the rails, and has continued ever since.

Don't worry, though. It's not bad news for Britney.

Caffeine Fiend

As long as Starbucks runs are permitted, she's all good.

She's "content" with the current arrangement and is no longer antsy to end it, since Jamie Spears has given her so much more space this past year.

As for the pop superstar's business affairs, Britney Spears, Inc., has never run more smoothly, so no one sees a reason to pull the plug on that, either.

So ... there you go. No news here. How 'bout these Britney Spears pics!

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Angelina Jolie hates Thanksgiving, but she's not a joyless person.

The actress and partner Brad Pitt treated their children to a hot air balloon ride to celebrate son Pax's birthday in Paris. The Vietnamese native turned seven!

Brangelina and the Twins!

Pax, Brad, Angelina, nine-year-old Cambodian son Maddox, five-year-old Ethiopian daughter Zahara and four-year-old biological daughter Shiloh all took part.

PARISIAN PAIR: Brad is also promoting Megamind in Europe.

The balloon operator said: "They were like any other family. There was nothing out of the ordinary which made them any different from any other family."

He added that throughout the ride, the couple's children were "excited but very well-behaved. What I think they wanted was a little moment of peace."

"Angelina is a very beautiful woman in person. She was friendly and spoke to me. Brad is very nice and very outgoing. He played a lot with the kids."

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We don't really understand what's going on in this pic, but it involves Lindsay Lohan's living quarters being honored in some way. To that, we can only say ...


Her rehab program awarded her sober house with a “Sober Shine Award,” displayed in the front yard Monday. Hey, the place has worked wonders for Lindsay ...

Sober Shine Award

LETTING IT SHINE: Any captions for this picture likely involve the words "Lindsay," "Lohan," and "sober." Just when you think you've seen everything, right?

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Notorious mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, a.k.a. the tattooed girl who broke up Sandra Bullock's marriage to Jesse James, is still doing her thing. Whatever that is.

Here's the gross McGee at the Melbourne Sexpo in Australia last weekend, where she posed with elves, pole danced and made friends with terrifying phallic creatures.

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words ...

Michelle McGee and an Elf

GOING DOWN (UNDER): Don't hurry back, Bombshell.

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Don't worry, folks, Steve Johnson and God are BFFs again.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver, who dropped a game-winning touchdown pass on Sunday and then appeared to blame the Big Guy in a hilarious Tweet, sent out another social networking message today and tried to clear things up.

Steve Johnson Tweet Pic

We've been checking God's Twitter account for the past few hours, but He's yet to response to Johnson's mea culpa.

Until He does, see how all this started by watching the video of Johnson's untimely miscue NOW.

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