Oprah to Air Interview With Michael Jackson's Kids, Molestation Special Back-to-Back

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As we've talked about, Oprah Winfrey is airing an interview with Michael Jackson's parents and children Monday, but not every family member is happy about it.

Michael's brother, Randy Jackson, has long resented O for doing a show on pedophilia during the jury deliberations of MJ's molestation trial. Just a coincidence?

The Late King of Pop

Maybe, maybe not. But next week, once again, her interview with MJ's kids will be immediately preceded by ... a special on child molestation. Makes you think.

Oprah sits down with the Jacksons. And some creepy old guy.

Oprah's sit-down with MJ's kids - Prince, Paris, and Blanket - is scheduled for Monday. The episode before? "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

A rep for Oprah's production company denies this, telling TMZ that "There is no connection whatsoever between the two shows. This is purely coincidental."

They could switch it if that were true, though. Just saying. Why not air it some other time just to quiet the speculation that you're trying to send a message?


Oprah is sick. She vowed to never put MJ on her show, because he was a child Molester. She also used his trial as ratings for molestation. Than after his death she talked about remembering him and used whiteny huston to speak on MJ's drug addiction and whiteny wasn't his close friend. She also did her show remembering Michael and commented on Michael's life. Now she is going to do a show with Michael's mother and children before airing a molestation show. This is sad and Kathrine should of seen through her. Not only is Oprah hurting MJ's name again she has no regard for the children. She isn't hurting no one, but MJ's kids. She is sick and I'm not watching!!! I'm 11 and see Oprah's ways. She is the devil


Oprah is not slick. She is trying to make a connection between Michael Jackson and molestation by showning the 200 men molested episode and Jackson Family interview back to back. If it was coincidental, then switch the air time for the 200 molested men show. Pure and simple.


I think Michael Jackson would be horrified that his children, who he took such care to shield from the public their entire lives, are being interviewed on T.V. and photographed without masks on, and basically living very public lives. I think it is disrepectful to his memory and to him as a father. His family is disgusting. They used him his whole life for the money he brought in, and now are using his kids for the same reason. Horrible.

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