Oprah to Air Interview With Michael Jackson's Kids, Molestation Special Back-to-Back

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As we've talked about, Oprah Winfrey is airing an interview with Michael Jackson's parents and children Monday, but not every family member is happy about it.

Michael's brother, Randy Jackson, has long resented O for doing a show on pedophilia during the jury deliberations of MJ's molestation trial. Just a coincidence?

The Late King of Pop

Maybe, maybe not. But next week, once again, her interview with MJ's kids will be immediately preceded by ... a special on child molestation. Makes you think.

Oprah sits down with the Jacksons. And some creepy old guy.

Oprah's sit-down with MJ's kids - Prince, Paris, and Blanket - is scheduled for Monday. The episode before? "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

A rep for Oprah's production company denies this, telling TMZ that "There is no connection whatsoever between the two shows. This is purely coincidental."

They could switch it if that were true, though. Just saying. Why not air it some other time just to quiet the speculation that you're trying to send a message?

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40 years later they will still be talking about the same old shit when it comes to michael jackson..he was found not guily now put it to rest..


i have 2 agree with kaisey she is a f@t @ss


Ok opera i don't care who sees this and i hope you DO. you need to srop being in everybodys buissness your messing everybodys life look whos talking you didn't get ur first pair of shoes til u were 5. IN MY OPINION YOU SHOULD STOP YOUR SHOW! i don't watch it but i don't need to to know how much you screw up everybodys life ash ash outie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck opera thumbs down


OOPS! I left out the word "children" in a sentence.
I ment: "why put his children in the middle of"...


I canent wait to see michael jackson kids an Opha


fat ass Oprah again!!! I hate this woman! how she can do us this???? IT IS NOT A coincidence. she did it in the past many times. ugly bitch. @Barbara Small: do u will send a messagge to Oprah??? where I can send a messagge too????


Oprah knows just what she is dong. It sad that Micheal family let her use his kids like that. If all of those so call fans of Micheal eg Oprah had reach out to him.He may be alive today.Folks boycott Oprah show. Don't watch any of them, send her a message.


I hope Jordie Chandler, Jason Francia and Gavin Avizo and whoever else Jackson may have molested are on the show, it's time that freak was exposed. Sadly, priscilla would never expose Elvis...though!! Damn


oprah; leave michael's children alone you people bashed him when he was alive,now you want to go after his children.have you no shame! love u michael!!


I have to agree with latasha2003 cus she is being a little bitch putting micheal on front street like that..she knows damn well she knew wtf she was doing when she aired them back to back...she cant sit here and deny that never will never have liked oprah she is a gossiping lying bitch and she doesent care who she hurts...maybe shes just mad cus she hasent had dick in centries ole ass

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