OMG: Amber Portwood "Loses" Her Baby!

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has lost her baby.

So Life & Style wants us to believe, anyway. There's some truth to the celebrity gossip publication's cover story, but a lot of utter BS too, and not nearly as much drama as some of the inflammatory words below indicate ...

LOSING LEAH: Technically, Amber did. But it was voluntary.

While Amber recently lamented losing Leah, what the rag fails to mention here is that this is actually old news, could only be temporary and Portwood agreed to it.

Given the amount of media attention she gets, and while she searches for a new home where Leah will be safer, Amber allowed her ex to keep the child for now.

The police are investigating the melee between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley that occurred on Teen Mom, but there was no "swooping in" to take away Leah.

As for the booze and pills? Unclear. Could go either way.


Hey zack's woman catrina, I just wanted to let you know that if you read the tabloid a little better you would have seen that Leah was not taken from Amber which I would love to happen but anyway she agreed to let Gary keep leah until she found a safer and better home and environment for Leah. It is also because of the amount of the amount of media attention around Amber that she agreed for Gary to keep Leah temporarily and it even says there was no "swooping in" to take Leah away!!! I mean I would completely 100 percent agree that Gary get FULL LEGAL PHYSICAL CUSTODY of Leah and that Amber could only have supervised visitation and the visitation only for the good of the baby not for Ambers sake because I honestly don't think she deserves to be a mother!!! Anyway just thought I would let you know that you read the article wrong or too fast or whatever happened. Ok Thanks Have a Great weekend!!!

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