No Decision in Mel Gibson Custody Case

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The judge in Mel Gibson's custody battle with Oksana Grigorieva postponed a decision until he hears more from both parties, which won't happen until December.

Both parties appeared in court yesterday not no decision was reached. Mel moved to strip Oksana of custody of their daughter, Lucia, and she was on the stand.

Mel believes her recent interview on Larry King proves her main goal is perpetrating a smear campaign against him and not acting in the best interests of Lucia.


BATTLE ROYALE: The scary thing? It's only beginning.

Mel claims he has photos that prove Oksana lied about the abuse she says she suffered at his hands. Grigorieva claims she and Lucia were hurt by Mel in January.

The custody fight is concurrent with investigations into Mel for domestic violence and Oksana for extortion, neither of which has resulted in any charges ... yet.

Judge Scott Gordon will pick up testimony sometime in December.


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What judge in their right mind would give kids to a pysco like mel?

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