New Susan Boyle Video: What Do You Think?

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Susan Boyle has not lived a perfect life.

She recently opened up to Oprah about the bullying she faced as a child, and we all know how she suffered a couple breakdowns during her run to the finals on Britain's Got Talent.

But the Scottish singer has bounced back rather nicely, having released a record-breaking album and earning acclaim from critics and fans around the globe. Below, we've posted Susan's latest music video, for the single "Perfect Day." Watch now and react: What do you think of it?


I think she looks beautiful - the scenery is stunning, Lets give credit where credit is due! well done Susan


I love it...the views of Scotland are beathtaking and Susan's interpretation of Perfect Day is refreshing. We need to get off the hostility train and learn to just enjoy things of beauty...grunge is over! Not everything should be about perfect day is certainly not. Everyone, including Susan, is entitled to their own perfect day. For her, it is her home in Scotland. She has had enough of bullies and so have I and all of her millions of fans. Get over yourself.


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