Mistress of Gordon Ramsay Pens Letter to Wife of Gordon Ramsay

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Forget Hell's Kitchen. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is living through Hell's Bedroom.

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    "other woman" or in my case, just whore, should NEVER EVER send emails or try to communicate in any way with the innocent wife. It's despicable and ridiculous. In our case, it was intended to inflict pain and cause doubt, as this woman threatened my husband she would do. You can read the letters and the consequences of them on my website
    yesthisreallydidhappen dot com


    I pray that Tana is a wise woman. I cannot imagine what she has had to go through. The letter that Gordon posted in the newspaper to his mother-in-law was dishonorable, underhanded and just plain disrespectful..now Tana has to walk with her head held high while she is yet again caught in the middle of our people's crap. The negativity that Gordon shows in his attitude towards other people is unfortunatly causing Tana to be put into the firing line. The mistress is just seeking to improve her financial lot and is humiliating Tana to do it. Tana should use sue this mistress for intentional afflication of emotional distress and somehow make certain that she does not contact Tana in anyway again!!


    I LOVED Gordon... but, now I am losing respect for him... or have lost it. He has become someone I no longer LOVE to watch with his yelling .. putting people down... and thinking he is the only ANIMAL in this world that counts. My heart aches for his "DEAR WIFE".. they are always the losers... money cannot replace the man the wife fell in love with in the first place and has changed to be someone she no longer knows.

    As for this "LADY".... the "OTHER WOMAN"... what goes around ... comes around! you'll see.


    It's a rare day when someone literally go out of their way to show complete gall and stand up stupidity. The day that a mistress feels qualified to pass on valuable lessons to a wife is the day that a skeleton walk inside a burning building wearing gasoline socks carrying a blow torch,and expect to walk safely out the other door.It ain't happening,her self promotion is overrated.PERIOD!!


    I hope Tana isn't taking this seriously. This is something that should be seriously laughed at. What a witch with a capital B.


    This trampy mistress has SOME NERVE. She sleeps with a married man - then BLAMES HIS WIFE. She didn't blame the man who banged her like a wh*re then threw her dirty butt under a bus, instead she blames HIS WIFE; a woman who did NOTHING to her!!!! If anyone is the fool, it's the mistress, who no man would MARRY. The wife, has a lot of money, because she married a rich man. The wife is not pathetic, the wh#re is pathetic.


    you have got to be effin kidding me, shes insane.

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