Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Momsen: Who Looked Better?

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This isn't the first time Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen have been matched up against each other.

Based on their respective ages and recent style selections, we asked readers last month to decide which of these young artists acts more inappropriate. At this point, though, it's safe to say the Gossip Girl star/Pretty Reckless frontwoman has earned that title.

But can Miley wrestle away the honor of Best Dressed at last night's MTV Europe Music Awards? You tell us. She donned a pretty dress for the event, while Momsen resembled a raccoon who doesn't know how to use buttons...

  • Miley in Europe
  • So Edgy!

Who looked prettiest on the red carpet?


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:| this is actually really biased. there are a ton of amazing pictures of taylor and a ton of worse pictures of miley, and they decided to pick the pictures where miley's smiling and gorgeous, but taylor's not really that good looking and kind of upset.


well miley cyrus of course. because for once she is wearing proper clothing and doesn't look like she just fell out of a dumpster. Taylor though looks like she's still waiting for someone to pull her out.


I love Taylor's look personally. but then, I hate the whole 'good girl' look and I love gothic style and lifestyle. nice to see someone being different and daring.


Taylor Momsen is a pretty vampyre fledgeling and Miley Cyrus is a pretty mortal girl.


YEAH. Miley is wayyy betterr :)


hell yeah! taylor will definitely win if we're talkn about a halloween costume competition. . . =)


Mile Looks way More Beautiful Than Taylor! People Keep on criticizing Miley While they should be criticizing Taylor ! Has Miley ever drank alcohol,Smoked a cigarette ,Watched a Sex Tape Or blamed her own parents for her failure In life ??? Well Taylor Did ! What Is the worst thing Miley did Wore a Pant less outfit ?? And btw: Taylor's dress is so inappropriate, And why does she never smile ????


Oh god. It's not fair that they use Miley C.'s picture. They're trying to make her to be a saint so they'll get all those lovely views and whatnot. Nonetheless, I don't like Taylor M.'s ...clothes. But it's her money so...


.should we realy need to compare this to? obviously miley looks lot better than taylor. and miley wore an appropriate dress than taylor that will look stupid if you close her to other celebs. btw this just my opinion no hard feelings


I think Taylor looks lik the walking dead and Miley looks way better sorr about the spelling I am on my I pod touch