Miley Cyrus Speaks on Big Bang Video, 18th Birthday Plans and More

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What was it like for Miley Cyrus to make out with Keven Zegers in the music video for The Big Bang? How will this singer celebrate her 18th birthday in just a few days?

During a break from rehearsing for her appearance at this Sunday's American Music Awards, Miley answered these questions and more. To wit:

"Kevin is actually the boyfriend of someone that works very closely with me," Miley says. "So there was definitely a little awkwardness since she was on set or whatever."

For understandable reasons, Miley remained mum on the topic of her parents' divorce, not commenting on rumors that she played an indirect role in their split.

But she did tackle a number of other subjects, from turning 18 on November 23 and more. Watch the interview below.


hi miley cyrus happe berthday i am manoj from india and maharashtra and mumbai


salak miley gerzek ne sanıosa kendini lan iki kelimeyi bi araya getiremiyo vıyhh


son lo mejor


I LOVE Miley Cyrus' music and her acting. Althoug I do agree with those who say she dresses way to revealing. Im still not going to trash talk her on her.


I LOVE Miley Cyrus' music and her acting. Although I do agree with those who think she dresses to revealing. Im not going to post negative things though cuz it's rude.


Miley is way better when she is hannah cuz the way she dress is nasty not hatin cuz i got hundreds od clothes in my closet ,but DANGthink about your gradme and parents i could never dress like that in front of my family and my mom will smack the dog mess out of me u say your growing up that ain't apart of growing up dummie


Loved the video's! Both the 'Big Bang' and this 'E-online' clip here. I like this one more,because of the clarity with which the Supergirl explains about the pieces she liked about making it,and the smile she carries for the fact that the lead guy is dating someone she knows,who was also present on-set---I like the mature way that all 3 handled-it---how cool was that?
It was cool as well hearing about her 'turning 18 birthday plans'. For someone who has been well documented for throwing some extravagant b-day bash's in her past,this one(which is definitely monumental. I mean, she becomes an official young adult---that's pretty monumental,and---it only happens once)seems quite---uncomplicated---don't you think? I like that...I like that,a lot...
@Blaize: Loved the defending post here. You're work is great as always.
All other defenders: Your work is very much appreciated. Hope you guys never stop...
Later all; Hollywood---out...


Anyone who feels compelled to label a girl as a 'slut' or a 'whore' is a pathetic puritanical brainwashed bitch. Entertainers get sexual at times. Get over it or get lost. The slut label is for hateful narrow-minded conservatives and idiots who are stuck in the past where everyone had to hide their sexuality.


@Megamileyfan1: Firstly, I would like to say that everyone is not perfect, so when you said in your previous comment: "She is total perfection." , I rather think that's bullshit. Seriously. True, Miley is beautiful, she does have nice teeth. I'm not a fan of her anymore, you should know why. And I don't think I dislike her because I'm jealous of how famous she is. I'm not jealous. Sure, she's beautiful, she can sing. But please don't treat and worship her like a god, she's not. She's just Miley, and you should stop describing how awesome she is. Neither are we idiots, we are just posting our own god damned comments. Whether is good or bad. Same goes for all Miley fans. Whether you people support her, it's your own decision, but all I want to say is, I just want her to put some decent pants on, and stop acting like one slut. Oh, and please don't worship her like she's some god. She isn't. Neither is she perfect as everyone calls it.


wow 3/8 comments are haters comment and SOMEONE even comment twice even thou whoever dang IT is a hater. miley rocks and she knows that no matter what there will be a group of awesome fans behind her no matter what. GO MILEY!!!


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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