Miley Cyrus: Criticized for Drinking, Risky Behavior

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This is so not what Miley Cyrus needs right now.

Just days after her parents filed for divorce and her relationship with Liam Hemsworth ended, the 17-year old finds herself under fire for underage drinking. In Spain.

In Spain
Posing for Fans, Cameras

Miley Cyrus greets fans in Spain. [Photos: Splash News]

The singer is spending a few days in Madrid as she prepares to perform tomorrow night at the MTV European Music Awards. On Thursday evening, she was spotted in a bar with a bottle of Corona in her hands.

Spanish officials say the star didn't break any laws (the legal drinking age in the country is 18, but, seriously, no one cares there), but the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness has taken issue with Miley's "risky behavior."

"The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk," James E. Copple said in a statement.

Wow. Look, few sites have given Miley more of a hard time than THG, especially when it comes to pole dancing performances, skimpy clothing and overall antics that have led to us labeling Cyrus as a "colossal disappointment."

But she drank a beer in a country that essentially has no drinking age. The International Institute for Alcohol Awareness might wanna relax. What do you think? Miley should...


What is up with this ridiculous "role model" expectation that people try to place on celebrities. Hello. They're celebrities not saints or spiritual leaders. Don't we expect them to get drunk, do drugs, screw tons of people, do pole dancing in a thong, and make total train wrecks out of their lives? Don't we love to read all that garbage? Miley Cyrus is not Bristol Palin's twin. Why do we expect her to be a virginal homebody? She probably doesn't even like to do crossword puzzles, knit or play bridge. This girl likes to party hard and have casual sex right now. Even though I think her time would be better spent on acting lessons, singing lessons, reading classical literature, taking art classes, and working out with a personal trainer, it's her life so she can mess it up if she wants. It's obvious that her parents have no influence over her life right now.


I have just posted a comment of how great miley is and when I saw this my eye's popped out miley cought drinking OMG I jst culdnt blv mi eye's miley DISAPOINTMENTafcoz most teenagers do it but I ddnt expect it 4rm u


There comes a time in a young teen's life where they are going to' test the waters'(their boundaries, their parents rules during their upbringing etc) and see what they can and can't get away with.Miley is 17 almost 18 and she is considered adult enough to earn her own money and be self sufficient. Let's just hope she has had common sense instilled in her and accept responsibilities that go with drinking. She is going to drink whether it is legal or not and whether the world approves of it or not. It's not our business but I hope she is being wise about this. We do the best we can and we give kids values and rules and then just hope and pray it all works out. You can't control your kids forever. Eventually they have to grow up and make their own decisions and mistakes.


I'm sorry that some of you are so pathetic, narrow-minded, and puritanical that you'd get worked up about ONE young adult pop star. Some people lead very sheltered lives. If any of you paid any attention to the rest of Hollywood, you'd see that Miley Cyrus- while imperfect- isn't bad.




She reminds of of Brittany Spears....remember how sweet and innocent she was? Miley is going down to road to hell and despair...another Hollywood loser. She looks like a slut and whore and I am sure she is....remember Lindsey L. when she was sweet and innocent...see what happened to her...It is only a matter of time for Miley...


Leave Miley alone! She is not a whore and everyone drinks underage. Its the 21st century relax. Plus Miley is an adult now, she can't really be a role model for kids anymore, there are plenty of kids out there to look up at. Taylor Swift is a good girl, so is Selena Gomez. Miley just has a different character and if you don't like it, don't look at her/read news about her.


She doesn't need all this espacially with what shes going through n it's not illehal therer jeezz leave the poor girl alone.


I think a lot of people need to take a step Back and think about what they are actually Saying. If your going to judge someone either Do it properly or have actual proof, don't just Read it of a website. To call someone a whore Takes really courage because a whore has different Meanings to different people. So she dresses The way she does, is she a friend of yours? Is It you wearing those clothes? I doubt it so What is the actual problem? Critcising people Is for your own pleasure, there's no purpose Behind it but to make yourself feel better. If your a true fan of someone the shit you read You laugh at and dismiss, you know what you know Who cares what others think! Do you think miley Being as rich as she is actually gives a shit!


ok do yall what your daughter to date a older guy and start drinking and dressing like a ho ?


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