Miley Cyrus: Criticized for Drinking, Risky Behavior

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This is so not what Miley Cyrus needs right now.

Just days after her parents filed for divorce and her relationship with Liam Hemsworth ended, the 17-year old finds herself under fire for underage drinking. In Spain.

In Spain
Posing for Fans, Cameras

Miley Cyrus greets fans in Spain. [Photos: Splash News]

The singer is spending a few days in Madrid as she prepares to perform tomorrow night at the MTV European Music Awards. On Thursday evening, she was spotted in a bar with a bottle of Corona in her hands.

Spanish officials say the star didn't break any laws (the legal drinking age in the country is 18, but, seriously, no one cares there), but the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness has taken issue with Miley's "risky behavior."

"The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk," James E. Copple said in a statement.

Wow. Look, few sites have given Miley more of a hard time than THG, especially when it comes to pole dancing performances, skimpy clothing and overall antics that have led to us labeling Cyrus as a "colossal disappointment."

But she drank a beer in a country that essentially has no drinking age. The International Institute for Alcohol Awareness might wanna relax. What do you think? Miley should...


They should give her a freakin break. Aren't they tired of making Miley look bad? I mean im jst a fan of her, and im tired of hearing about her doing this and that. imagine how would she feel?
Dude shes 18 in like 3 weeks deal with it. anyway its not illegal. so yea just give her a break. she have a lot of things happening atm, so just let her hve things private.
Beside, i mean just coz shes really popular right now doesnt mean people have to find something bad about her, i mean cmon seriously if shes jst like an ordinary girl no one would give a shit bout her. well shes still are, so why you give a shit bout her doing this?
she have the right to do wat ever she wants to, and anyway let her live her life.


Boo you whore.


okay so let me get this straight. if miley still has whiny little bitches looking up to her, does that mean that she shouldnt live her life? if she wants to stay a role model then she will never have a life and besides, miley is going through a really hard time right now and she needs all out support. am i the only 17 year old who knows what its like to be 17 going on to 18. give her a fuckin break. and btw im not even a fan!


i feel it for miley because every1 who she love breaking her heart so its a hard time in miley life right if every1 could beside her and love her miley everything will go good


Miley should never be like this she is a poop star she is an asshole I used to like her and now she is shit!!! She needs to fucking die she doesnt deServe to be alive she has a horrible singing voice and she us ugly. She is such a mother fucking bitch!!


Leave her alone. If people don't like how she acts and don't want their children seeing that, then the parents should block all miley related stuff from their kids. She's not a child anymore and she's trying to prove it. She wants to be taken as an adult. So pay attention and maybe she'll stop acting out.


This is silly. In Madrid teenagers as young as 16 are allowed to drink alcohol. In less than 3 weeks Miley Cyrus will be 18. At least she didn't GET DRUNK in AMERICA like Mary-Kate Olsen did when she was 17.


Give her a break. She's a sad girl. And a teen we all drink at somepoint. Get off her balls


I don't even like her, and I think she needs a break. Her parents are divorcing, she just broke up with her boyfriend. Who wouldn't want a beer at a time like that?


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