Avan Jogia Wishes Miley Cyrus Happy, Kiss-Filled Birthday!

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday a couple days early last night.

First, the singer performed "Love and Forgiveness" at the American Music Awards. Then, she rented out Los Angeles nightclub Trousdale and threw herself a party, surrounded by friends (Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, AJ Michalka) and family members (mother Tish).

Click on the following photos from the event for a closer look at each:

  • All Smiles for Miles
  • Turning 18
  • At Her Own Party
  • 18th Birthday Party
  • Miley and Demi Moore
  • Star-Studded Affair

Cyrus turns 18 tomorrow, but she received the best birthday present of all from rumored boyfriend Avan Jogia around 2 a.m. this morning.

At least let's hope that was Avan Jogia. Late into the party, some guy was spotted kissing Miley's neck. See the photographic evidence of this tongue bath below:

Miley Kissing
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umm.. why du yuu guys stress out on wasting your time..on riting this.stuff.. live life, dnt wast t on judging her.. sshes problii not even worth it


YOOOO Yall need 2 stp riding mi girl dick kuz she iz 18 she can do whatever the heck she wants yall juz mad yall not in her place with her money! if yall were even half as rich or famous as her yall would do the same or even worse yall are some real haters no joke! yall wack! Grow up!!!!!


The problem with all of these yound teenage "rock" stars is that the media has torn them down and apart to make them out as sluts and whores if the media would just leave them alone and let them live their wouldn't be any of this they may make millions but in the long run when they are old they will not be happy at all they will never be able to replace their lost childhoods, they will be lost themselves they may look happy on the outside but the inside is totally different so just let them be stay outta the spotlight u may think it will be cool but in the end ur life will suck! be true be u! Not what ppl make of YOU!


Dude who gives a crap about a fucking girl who thinks she's been through soooo much let me tell u hunny u wearing fuking clothes like that and shit and u say ur a role model to all those lil girls who idolize YOU! U look like a slut u act like one wow I understand about the whole parent divorce shit but I don't feel any pity for u b/c rli u have it all get the hell over ur fuking self and get outta ur reality and grow the fuk up


i si agree with you jayy.......
yall need to shut the fuck up because that is very normal its modern time now.....if you dont have anything good to say about a person shut the fuck up.......its her life so whats the problem..... by the way they look so good together.....he is cute you go girlllll......
as got katie i can just imaging some of the things you do and wear comparing to a 18 yrs old pop star just havinng fun on her birthday......


to Pity: you are probably just as dumb as she is.. your defeding a skank in training and you obviously dont know what the fuck you are talking about. she dresses like a whore, dances like a whore and omfg! shes not fucking stupid she knows that papparazzi will be following her everywhere she goes. kinda comes with being a celeb. so dont do shit that you dont want ppl to see cuz it will go public and people will judge the dumb cunt.
TO ALL 18 YEAR OLD GIRLS: if you want to look like a trashy skank then just dress like miley. and maybe go to the teen choice awards and dance like a stripper in front of thousands of younger kids. way to go miley! you are such a good role model for your young fans.. haha bullshit maybe if they are looking to become playboy bunnies


@Katie: aww, you poor, crazy,foolish, prudish, rabid little bitch! Seriously, no SANE, SOBER person talks that much shit about a person for something as trivial as wearing revealing clothing. This must be the first time you've ever seen someone wear something sexy. If you think that top is so bad, I hope you never see what some other pop stars have worn- you'll probably have a mental breakdown. You need to be in rehab and on meds ASAP.


I wish someone would take Miley and Hayden away from these people that is using them to make money by photographing them with almost nothing on.There is plenty of time for that later.


It's just sad that so many people think that if a teenage girl or a young woman shows skin or shows her sexuality in any way, people label her as a whore. She's 18 years old and should be able to do something like kiss a boy or wear a sexy outfit without getting scarlett letter treatment, espescially as a pop star in 21st century america. It's pathetic how biased people are against her- if this were any other pop star it would be ok. Beyonce is still considered a 'good role model', so why should miley have to give up or hide her sexuality in order to be accepted?


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