Avan Jogia Wishes Miley Cyrus Happy, Kiss-Filled Birthday!

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday a couple days early last night.

First, the singer performed "Love and Forgiveness" at the American Music Awards. Then, she rented out Los Angeles nightclub Trousdale and threw herself a party, surrounded by friends (Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, AJ Michalka) and family members (mother Tish).

Click on the following photos from the event for a closer look at each:

All Smiles for Miles
Turning 18
At Her Own Party
18th Birthday Party
Miley and Demi Moore
Star-Studded Affair

Cyrus turns 18 tomorrow, but she received the best birthday present of all from rumored boyfriend Avan Jogia around 2 a.m. this morning.

At least let's hope that was Avan Jogia. Late into the party, some guy was spotted kissing Miley's neck. See the photographic evidence of this tongue bath below:

Miley Kissing

every guy she sees she goes after him.....she's such a whore


Ok not gonna lie i don't like Miley never have never will but come on he isn't "kissing her neck" that is nuzzling lol but the outfit is a bit ewww and she does act like a slut at times


Gawd,Only Because Miley Is Showing Her Stomache Doesnt Make Her A Slut.Who Cares If Shes Making Out With A Guy Its Her Life & Thats What Teens Do & Theres Nothing Wrong With That As Long As We Have Our Limits.Shizz Get Off Her Nut Sack!


If Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Rihana can dress sexy and still have lots of young fans (which they do!) then so can Miley Cyrus. I don't give a damn about the company she was previously employed for. BEING KISSED AND HUGGED BY A GUY DOES NOT MAKE A WOMAN A WHORE, AND NEITHER DOES SHOWING YOUR STOMACH.


I rli love it how all the guy names r the ones backing her up u fukn men just think she's hot and only wish u could tap that ass yeah ryte dream the fuk on I'm done with this shit ova the dumb shit I got real life drama to fuk with peace




U ppl bash on each other to damn much y don't u get together at starbucks and have a discussion on this thing its like debate shit ppl come on if u wanna say something to the girl write her ur damn selves I mean I blieve n what both sides r saying


Lex... Excuse u I don't want any money I don't need money if I wanted money I could get money god y u ppl gotta run ur mouths to ppl don't know who ur talking to so quit talking ur shit and get the fuk over urselves cuz in the end aint noone gna give a damn about what u say bc u aint noone nothing


Y do u ppl hve to scream and yell? I understand y she wants to dress like that bc all her life she was the goodie to shoes believe me I was like that she needs to b a rebel but I do understand to an extent where ppl r coming from bc I wouldn't want my kids seeing someone like that and wanting to dress like them she's not thinking smart she's only thinking about herslef she wants to be selffish but if u wanna b looking like that then go somewhere the pictures cnt find u shit so u ppl on here who r yelling remember if ur kids read what uve written remember ur not being good role models either so stop and think b4 u go acting like this and cussing and be role models for ur kids!


haters shut the fuck up please she could do what ever the fuck she wans and shes not a slut dumbasses you guys are cunts gett a fuckin life haters

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