Avan Jogia Wishes Miley Cyrus Happy, Kiss-Filled Birthday!

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday a couple days early last night.

First, the singer performed "Love and Forgiveness" at the American Music Awards. Then, she rented out Los Angeles nightclub Trousdale and threw herself a party, surrounded by friends (Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, AJ Michalka) and family members (mother Tish).

Click on the following photos from the event for a closer look at each:

All Smiles for Miles
Turning 18
At Her Own Party
18th Birthday Party
Miley and Demi Moore
Star-Studded Affair

Cyrus turns 18 tomorrow, but she received the best birthday present of all from rumored boyfriend Avan Jogia around 2 a.m. this morning.

At least let's hope that was Avan Jogia. Late into the party, some guy was spotted kissing Miley's neck. See the photographic evidence of this tongue bath below:

Miley Kissing

@Common Sense: You have no PROOF of how old Miley was when she lost her virginity. You're just ASSUMING because that's how old she was when she took the vanity fair pic.


sexer oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh ihave hated miley since i was in 2nd grade. and back off miley my sissy was born the same year as her 1992 look it up in beat tiger magizine every time i see the name Miley i flip the page.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. your a gay lesbian and sexer you kissed a girl and liked it and smoked.)


Um @jaz and @blaize, this girl hasn't been a virgin since age 15, let's be real.


What the??? I'm related to Avan and he's not dating Miley I mean seriousley come on that could be anyone kissing Miley look his heads turned the other way, and seriousley u ppl r all gonna sit around and think that's Avan??? And hellO there's somehing called computer editing u dnt know if thts da real pic or not what if the fell or what if that's another dude come on people let's use your brain


I don't have nothing against Miley, I used to be a massive fan but not as much anymore. Miley has grew up a lot and she is now 18, old enough to make her own decisions and she may not be going the right way for now but she will come around. She is going through a lot right now, and she needs the support of her friends, family & fans, so don't pull her down xxx


personally, i am technically a nun so don't partake in such activities, but despite there being this issue that miley cyrus is a role model for children, i think that it is ridiculous reason to criticise her lude behaviour. what is she surposed to do, pretend that shes a little girl doing nothing wrong, she is still entitled to a life and she is not going to escape the cameras, so everything she does will be documented so the only solution in people who hold this "role model" view, if for her to stop living her life and pretend to be someone else, you are only a teenager for a fraction of your life and i think that she should make the most of it, it may not be when i deem respectible, but i have known young ladies doing much worse and its not flashed around the internet, it is just a shame that this young ladies whole life is like a big brother




@blaze u fucking bitch don't u not remember is prioty ring or sumthing like that ?!u suck


To be honest, I've never been a fan of hers... And I don't really care. Avan Jogia is a friend of mine, and likes attention. I'm not surprised that there are some PG13 pictures of him and Miley. I think that though it is ridiculous that she's getting so much shot fortuese pictures she does need to remember that a MASSIVE chunk of her fanbase is that younger group of kids and preteens. Whether of not she's trying to change her appeal demographic, those fans will always look up to her and regard her as a role model.


lol guys seriously?To be honest you're so grossed out, OMFG. SHE'S GETTING KISSED ON THE NECK. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. THE WORLD IS ENDING. no. She's being a teenager. I bet half the teenagers in your school aren't virgins. Who gives a flying fuck.

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