Michelle McGee: Alive, Pole Dancing With Elves

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Notorious mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, a.k.a. the tattooed girl who broke up Sandra Bullock's marriage to Jesse James, is still doing her thing. Whatever that is.

Here's the gross McGee at the Melbourne Sexpo in Australia last weekend, where she posed with elves, pole danced and made friends with terrifying phallic creatures.

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words ...

Michelle McGee and an Elf

GOING DOWN (UNDER): Don't hurry back, Bombshell.


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Hey Dennis FUCK YOU!! Looking at your last name, I feel bad for you if you are related this this whore. Sucks for you!! LMFAO


hey monkey-that's not very nice-is monkey your real name or your intellectual level


well I don't want her in MY STATE!! I think Alaska would be a great place for her! Far and away from anything that counts! LOL


No no, the nasty whore needs to hurry up and leave before she taints my city


Oh bummer I thought this white trash whore was dead!
I can always hope...


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