Michaela Wallace Interview: A Chat with Justin Bieber's Girlfriend*

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(* Not really.)

I love Justin Bieber because he has great music that I can relate to, and it doesn't hurt that he's really hot!

Michaela Wallace is certainly not the only 14-year old with this opinion. But she is the only 14-year old with a song titled "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend," one with a video that has gone viral and turned Wallace into an online sensation.

Adorable in Glasses

The young singer spoke to Celebuzz this week about her single and her hopes for a successful music career. Might we have a female version of Justin on our hands?

How long has been involved with music?
I have been singing as long as I can remember. Music has always been a passion of mine and part of my life. In church, at school or just on a regular day when I disappear into my room for some one-on-one time with my guitar. I have been playing the piano since I seven years old and playing the guitar since I was ten.

Does she have any special Justin Bieber concert memories?
Yes! Before the concert in Nashville, I got to go backstage and play Xbox Kinect with Justin. The concert was AWESOME! It really was a night I'll never forget.

Her EP is currently available via iTunes. What are her next plans?
I don't really have any plans right now, but I look forward to writing and recording more music and who knows where it will take me!

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